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Eva2Happy Monday!

Don’t you hate Mondays when they roll around? This week kind of sucks, because I have to get through Monday and then my all-important Friday is ruined by my performance review at work. Blech! How do you like that? Get the tequila ready, that’s what I say!

Well I have something to make this Monday a little better: a super sexy excerpt from the soon-to-be-released Volume 2 of Sexy to Go. This one is from Allyson Lindt where one of her two male lovers is trying to get her interested in making love with a woman…

Roll Against Fantasy by Allyson Lindt

A daring trip to a topless beach goes from hot to scorching for Tasha when Ryan pushes all the right buttons, both physically and through fantasy, and strips away her inhibitions.


I leaned my head back against his shoulder with a sigh, abandoning reservation and sinking into the fantasy combined with his skillful touch. “Then what happens?”

He traced a line along the elastic of my bikini-bottom, caressing my hips but not moving lower. His other hand slid up my chest, cupped my breast, and kneaded. “The kiss would grow in intensity and heat, your perky nipples pressing into her hot skin. You’d put your hands out to steady yourself, embarrassed when you accidentally groped her. She’d pull away long enough to smile, and tell you not to stop.”

The idea anyone might be watching us slid to the back of my mind. I didn’t stop him when he rolled my nipple between his fingers and nibbled my earlobe. His voice dropped in volume, but was distinct enough I heard every word. “Your hands roam her body without much thought. She’s got a lot of the same buttons as you. Loves to have her nipples pinched.” He squeezed the tender nubs, and I groaned. “The two of you explore each other, and time melts away. Warmth has spread between your legs. A throbbing, wet need begging for release.”

My hips shifted on the towel to push closer to the hand on my waist, as words and fantasy mingled and blurred together.

He didn’t yield to the suggestion to slide his hand lower. “She knows what you want next, and kneels in front of you. Her tongue glides along your mound, licking through your swimsuit. You whimper at the tease.” His fingers followed the same path as the story he wove, and I moaned when they danced over my slit, kept away from his touch only by the thin barrier of my swimsuit.

“She tugs your bottoms to the ground.” His hand slid under my clothing, finally dipping between my wet folds. I gasped at the contact, back arching as I pushed up toward him. “The scent of your arousal spurs her on. Her lips meet those between your legs, and her breath against your wetness drives you wild.”

He continued to massage my breast, pinching and tugging enough to send exquisite sparks of pain and ecstasy through me. Each pull was like a cord running from my chest to my wet sex. His other hand dipped toward my opening, and then spread my juices back toward my aching clit. “Her tongue slides along your slit, lapping at your sweet taste, flicking up to tease your swollen button before she moves back down again. You gasp in surprise when she penetrates your tight hole.”

My hips ground against his hand as my head swam with the fantasy. He knew what it took to push me to climax, and nudged me right to the brink before pulling back again. I was too lost in a combination of physical and mental stimulation to do more than gasp.

* * * * *
See the rest of this story in Sexy to Go, Volume 2, out this week at all ebook retailers. Shh! Here’s a sneak peek at the cover!!!


vol 2 cover

For more sexyness, get Volume 1 here:

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