sssLeighThis week I have an MM short out in the second Sexy To Go collection. A second MM erotic short is contracted for inclusion in an upcoming Coming Together anthology. I’m waiting to hear on a third, sent last month to another anthology call by a popular MM erotic romance publisher. Yeah, there’s a theme here. 🙂

I like writing novel-length books, but I find I enjoy crafting a short story more – the hotter the better. As I write I find I tend to focus more on erotic elements than romantic. Not necessarily wham-bam, but I try to inject some good humor when I can.

Publishing has changed so much since my first book, Truth or Dare, came out ten years ago. The way we write, the way we market ourselves and our works…you must adapt or else you can’t grow. Every few weeks I contemplate making a grand shift, or re-branding. In the past I wrote pretty much anything I wanted – LGBT, paranormal, contemporary – but lately I’m considering a focus on erotic fiction. There is a difference between erotica and erotic romance, and both have readerships. I enjoy writing the former, but is it enough for me to want to do it exclusively? If so, do I stay with only LGBT pairings or write what inspires me? I suppose I’m still thinking about it. The more shorts I write, the more likely I’ll collect them for a single-author bundle to release later in the year.

Do you enjoy erotic fiction that isn’t necessarily romance? What are some of your favorite stories?