sssSotiaYes, Colin is coming, and it’s not as naughty as it sounds.

OH, WAIT! It really is!

You see Colin is used to making wrong choices, but he holds his friendship with Brad dear, and wouldn’t risk it for a night or three of passion.

Plus he’s not into Brad’s girlfriend*. Like, at all. Well…maybe a little bit.

Colin is the first installment of my novella trilogy, Threefold. This part is m/f, but the series includes m/f/m, and m/m.

Oh, and Colin is a bit of a prick.

*You may remember Becca from The Tenant.


“You free for lunch?”

Colin only briefly looked up from his paperwork. “No, I’m not. As I already told you when you called me, fifteen minutes ago.” He wasn’t really that busy, but he had enough on his plate he didn’t feel bad using work as an excuse not to meet up with Brad and Becca.

“Come on, man. You’ve been avoiding me for days. And you have to eat.” Brad rarely took no for an answer. Colin’s inner salesman usually found that admirable, but today it annoyed him.

“I’ve been busy. We can do drinks tonight.” He glanced at his phone. “Have to finish this up, and then I’m showing a couple that two-story in Richmond district at four. Should be done by six, so wanna meet somewhere at eight?” That gave him enough time to come up with an excuse to cancel.

“We didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. At the cinema. We thought you’d be cooler about it.”

Cooler? While Brad got a blowjob right next to him? Colin fought hard to refrain from looking up at Brad. “I don’t know what you mean.” But his heart sped up at the memory.

“I want you to have sex with Becca.”

“What?” The pen fell from Colin’s hand and rolled off his desk. He ducked after it. “I don’t think I heard you right.” He couldn’t have. And he had no idea why he was sporting a semi.

“Come out from under there.”

Colin sat up, pen in hand. “Okay, shoot.”

“I want you to have sex with Becca,” Brad said again.

You can find out more about Colin, Becca, and Brad on March 19. Meanwhile, Colin’s available for pre-order.

Sexy construction workerBlurb

Colin Daniels is shallow, and proud of it. He only concerns himself with people who live up to his standards of beauty, and his best friend’s new girlfriend is found lacking. Becca is curvy, loud, and apparently all for public displays of affection.

None of that would matter, if Colin didn’t find her sexy despite his better judgment. When Brad asks for a favor, Colin has to choose between giving in to his desires and respecting the very few boundaries he’s set for himself.

Never screw your best friend’s girl. Or your best friend.