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sssSorchaSo, this is a hi how are you, welcome to 2015, and did you notice some changes post. Mostly because I’ve been hella busy!

Doing what? Oh, well I’ve been writing and doing romance writerly things…and that pesky day job.

First bit of news. Do you live in the Southern California area? Do you love romance? Would you like to hear an author read a chapter or two of their work live? Well, then I’ve got something for you! Romance Writers of America, San Diego Chapter is starting up a reader outreach program. The gist of things is, we want to invite readers to come hear author read their work and then maybe have lunch or dinner with them. Sounds pretty cool right? Follow the link to join the mailing list and you will be the first to know about upcoming events.

I want to meet authors!

Second bit of news. I sold a new book to Decadent Publishing! Yay! See, I told you I’ve been writing. 🙂 This book is the first in what I hope to be a new dystopian series set in post-apocalypse San Diego ith some very sexy bikers. Not too many details right now, but the category length (think 50K words or less) book is slated to be part of an anthology in their Beyond Fairytales imprint. Books in this line are all based on familiar, and not so familiar, fairytales…just twisted. For example, my book is based on Beauty and the Beast, the French version. My twist comes in both setting, and the fact there are two beasts. Curious about the Fairytales line? Check out Decadent’s website to see the books in the line or hop over to the Beyond Fairytales blog for more info on upcoming books and details about the fairytales they are using.

Want to know more about my book? Well, gotta wait for that, but you can take a peek at where some of my inspiration came from.

Pintrest: Post-Apocalypse Inspiration | Hot Tattooed Guys | Sexy Biker Shit

Slacker Radio: Beast MC Radio

Finally, did you notice that I updated my avatar? (No, that’s not really me…and neither was the old one.) I wanted to go with something more modern since I am not actively writing historical romance right now. Also be sure to check out my website…that got a bit of a new look, too.

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