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Eva2Feelings. Yeah, we all have them, it’s just that men tend to ignore them on purpose. “What good would they do on the battlefield?” my husband says. “They’d just get in the way.” Sigh.

Well, we ladies are quite different, aren’t we? I took a long hike at work today and while I was huffing and puffing I thought about a friend of mine – who I’ve never actually met – who lost her husband in a tragic motorcycle accident last year right about this time. April I believe. And I’ve watched her posts on Facebook of how she’s struggled to come to terms with the loss. Let me tell you, they really are tough to read. I feel for her.

So there I am, wiping away tears, listening to Imagine Dragons and sauntering down the hill on a sunny day feeling like a million bucks after a nice long hike. For hubby of course, that would NEVER happen – the tears part that is! I try to tell him that YES he DOES have feelings even if he chooses to ignore them. He says he might, but they aren’t important.

Ugh! Is it just me, or is it damn hard to talk to the opposite sex? Except in a romance book, of course. *wink*

Anyway, the reason I was crying is that in one of her last posts on Facebook she commented on how she hadn’t gotten her singing voice back yet. From what I understand, she is a fabulous singer. And I got to thinking….

What if … I could encourage her to sing again? I suppose I should tell you right now that I’m a TERRIBLE singer. Flat and off-key, and just all around horrible. I thought, well, maybe if I sang a song, she’d be so horrified hearing me she’d want to sing again. And then I thought, well, what if I got all of her friends together from all across the country and we all sang her a song and then made a video out of it and sent it to her?

Lordy, I’m tearing up again. Anyway, my question to you today, dear readers is, do I have invent this sort of thing myself or is there an internet site that already does this – curates videos sent to others? I’d like to put my plan into action and see if it helps her, if nothing else, it will show her that people care.

Here’s a pic of Seth and his dad from the old days:

seth bw


His widow deserves a song, right?

Damn straight. Actually, if this story was a romance book, she’d deserve her own HEA. Hoping life will write one for her!

Thanks for listening!