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Time for a little ‘tiffin’.

My characters seem to lead odd lives. They aren’t bound by the clock in so many ways. I have an aversion to clocks, especially the ones with loud ticks. Each metallic marker seems to be proving the passage of my life with an obscene precision. Time for my characters is never quite so harsh.
One of the things I’ve discovered is afternoons are very important to my characters and in several of my stories some of their most energetic sexual activities happen in the afternoon. Why? Truth be told I have no idea. I do know that afternoon sex has always been popular. The English word tiffin, which refers to a tea time treat, was also used as a late Victorian euphemism for sex, or what we might know as a little afternoon delight.
I think what makes the sexy kind of ‘tiffin’ all the more delicious for my characters is it’s a small break away from everyday rules. They should be at work, perhaps they are, but they are not working. Perhaps they should be studying but they’re not. Maybe their children are asleep in the room above, or it’s summer, and all windows in the house are open, so if either of them scream every neighbor on the block will hear. Yes, somehow it’s all rather delightful.

Here’s a little excerpt including a little tiffin from Timeless, Book 1 in the Timeless series published by Lyrical Press, a Kensington Imprint.

New Timeless cover

As they passed the painting of St. Joan, the iPad slipped from her grip and crashed to the floor.
“Shit!” She dropped down on one knee to retrieve it and stared helplessly at the broken screen. A flash of the yellow, gilded hunting gleam in Magnus’s gaze found hers when he bent to help her up. He placed a finger under her chin, raising her glance farther.
“Sometimes, I believe, you can be a rather stubborn young woman.”
“I don’t give a toss for what you believe. This thing’s wrecked.” She fought with all her strength to ignore the enticement in his expression and his wickedly tempting lips. Her failure was epic.
Her nipples throbbed hard, a savage kind of pleasure bordering on pain. “I can’t make notes, so I can’t give you what you say you want.” She rose and stepped back as he straightened upright with her, so close she could see the rapid pulse in his throat.
“Sian, stop this.” He caught her chin with his palm. Tugging her forward, he bent to her and covered her lips with his.
An electric flash sparked through her at the contact with his mouth. She absorbed his tongue into her mouth and welcomed his arms hauling her, toe tips of her shoes screeching against the floor, into the depths of his embrace. The rigid length of his erection pressed tight to her stomach, making her whimper. Each cell in her body delighted in his closeness, joined in a joyous chorus, and she groaned, her hopes of showing any signs of reluctance decimated. She moaned in pleasure as he probed her mouth with his tongue, molded her buttocks with his palms and rolled her hips against his. Warmth poured through her. Her nipples tingled, tight, swollen into rigid tips which thrust against her bra, and only his mouth could soothe their torment.
With one last hope of gaining control, she made a faint attempt to take her mouth from his. He lifted his mouth from hers with a harsh breath. “You’re mine, Sian. All mine. Don’t fight me, please? Not today.”
Catching her hair, he twined the length of it tight and stilled her movement. Crushing her mouth with his lips, he demanded her response, and a wildfire of lust turned her pretense of composure to ashes. The poor iPad fell from her grip and she ran her palms over his shoulders, hooked her thigh over his and thrust her hips against him, massaging herself against his crotch.
The heat of his mouth left hers. He sucked hard and deeply at her neck. More of her needy whimpers echoed around them.
“I’m sorry about last time,” he said sliding his thigh higher between hers. “Say you’ll stay with me?” he asked, then skimmed up her outer thigh with his palm and cupped her buttock beneath her skirt. “I need you. I want to hear you moan.”
Tormenting her, he slid his fingers over the drenched silk underwear between her thighs, and her knees buckled. “Yes… Tonight.” To stop herself falling, she clutched him tight. He soothed her clitoris, sizzling inside the hot wet silk, caressed it with his forefinger, and a gasp escaped her as his palm moved onto her hip.
“I’m not waiting until tonight, my darling. I need you now.”

You can buy Timeless and it’s sequel To Eternity now.


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