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sssSorchaI love dirty, raunchy sex. I knew this before I started writing this new book for Decadent, but now it’s confirmed. For everyone.

Possibly even my mom.

I know. Crazy right? But, she’s an adult and I won’t hide what I write from her. She can choose to read it or not as she sees fit. and I love that she deals with that pretty well.

Anyway…I digress. Dirty, raunchy sex. Yeah. That was the topic. LOL! My new book is packed with the good stuff. Sex, emotion, betrayal, violence (not sexual), and love.

It was a lot of fun to be able to cut loose and just write whatever came to mind without having to censor my imagination to stay in line with my characters. Because these characters like it intense and sexy. No. Holds. Barred. Yeah.

Also, it was fun to keep a gritty edge that really complimented the world the book is set in. There aren’t a lot of pretty words.

Spit dripped down over his balls as he held her head up by her hair. At a complete loss for how to react, part of her wanted to lash out in fury, part of her wanted to lap at his saliva wet shaft, and the rest of her wanted to beg for his cock to be returned to her mouth. The latter two desires beat out the fury and she whimpered with need.

22985010_m_BWSee…raunchy, dirty sex. So, buckle up and get ready for some fun as I get to tell you more about Love & Punishment (Tales From Epsilon) over the next few months. I promise great details, world building info, and plenty of inspiration pics. *Grins*

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