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Eva2Whew. My last post had a bit of emotion around it, eh? Like a ton! But that’s okay. We writers do live for emotion, you know. Our readers WANT to read it, have it jump off the page. That’s what makes this such a great business. We have the ability to touch people’s hearts.

And, rouse their libido! Heh!

See how quickly I went from emotions to sex? They’re all related. Really. Just ask a author!

For today, I want to focus on the shifter world. What makes a shifter a shifter? In some author’s minds, it’s not merely a bite, but a life-or-death experience. In others, the shifters are born that way. For some there’s an external trigger than turns “on” the shifter ability. It can be the moon, menstruation, or a violent attack, or maybe even being around other shifters.

In the case of my Sexy to Go heroine, Casi, it’s a combination of things but mostly, it’s a woman – a female cougar shifter – who Casi meets in Volume 1 and is reunited with in Volume 3. Yes, mating with Snake aka Flint in Volume 2 does set her awakening on the path to completion, but I wager it’s the girl-on-girl lovemaking that puts Casi’s wolf front and center, in ways she could never have predicted.

Here’s a sample of the upcoming Volume 3 story:

Dahlia closed her eyes at his touch, but kept her hands on Casi. In fact, she pulled her closer. A soft growl issued from the alpha, but Dahlia paid him no mind. Her hand guided Casi’s down her belly to her moist juncture. As Casi’s fingers slipped inside her lips, she purred. Returning the favor, Dahlia’s hand slid between them and into Casi’s wet folds. Both of them moaned at the contact. Behind Dahlia, Liam groaned with desire, then parted her thighs with his hands, entering her.

Dahlia’s sharp intake of breath had her rocking into those long talented fingers. Her clit throbbed at the deeper touch, and she panted, covering Dahlia’s mouth once more with her own. Soon, they flexed against each other following their own rhythm. Lost in the moment, she didn’t hear Snake enter the room. When the bed dipped, and he lay down behind her, Liam growled. As Snake’s arm slid around her middle, she opened her eyes and looked at Dahlia, and was gratified to see her return the same sentiment she was feeling.

Yes, the men are here, but I am still here with you.

Sadly, as Casi was beginning to comprehend, the men ruled the roost and demanded their fair share of the love play. To be honest, she didn’t mind Snake participating, but Liam was another matter. She hadn’t liked the way Liam treated Dahlia the first time they’d met, and didn’t care for his approach. On top of that, jealousy burned in her heart. Dahlia should be mine and not his.

Shock tore her mouth away from Dahlia’s. At the same time, Snake’s cock pierced her channel. His gruff entry tore a cry from her lips. But Dahlia’s hard pinch on her nipple turned up the heat, reminding her of her other lover. She clenched around the invading cock and pressed against the woman in front of her, finding heaven on earth. Each skin-on-skin rub of their bodies made her wetter, until she dripped around Snake’s length, moaning for more of Dahlia’s firm caresses.

She gave as good as she got, too, reveling in Dahlia’s hoarse cries until the throaty mewls drew her to a fever pitch. She needed to make Dahlia come, needed to feel her, needed to be a part of her. But she lingered on the edge for long minutes, until Casi could stand her wavering no more. She brushed her lips to Dahlia’s neck, and hungry for her flavor, licked her.

Yes. Take me. I am yours and you are mine.

* * * * *
What does Casi do? Read the rest of the story to find out, then come back for Volume 4 to find out just how much trouble Casi has caused, and have her secret pedigree revealed!

In the meantime, Sexy to Go Volume #1 will be on sale for $0.99 for the entire month of April!

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