sssLeighThe good news is I have completed my latest story, a 21k F/F romance to be included in a box set. Particulars to come. It’s good for me because, aside from the work I send to the Sexy To Go team, it’s my last commitment project for now. Deadlines are met, so I can concentrate on finishing more submissions. At present I am working on what I hope will be the third and fourth installments of my Class in Session series.

Here’s the thing: A Different Class and A Class Act are both M/M. Number Three, Class Clown, will be M/M, but Four (Touch of Class) will be MMF. So, a bit of a curve in the road toward the end of the trip. I am curious to know how the change would be received by readers.

If you have enjoyed a series by an author that keeps to a specific pairing, would you read farther if there’s a shift? Story Four will have a fair amount of MM touching and nookie, no worries, but I’m curious if readers would anticipate changes in series they enjoy, in general.

What say you?