Sexy to Go Volume 3 is something to look forward to in what will for me be a hectic April.

I have a blog tour I am really looking forward to, followed by another in May, and the release of Marked for Magic on the 28th of April. I’ll post about that next time. Along with all that excitement Sexy to Go Volume 3 will be out too, and I’m getting a new car!

Well, if I am truthful it will be a newer car than the one I presently drive. I’ll let you know what I get, once I’ve got it. Anyway to entertain you today I have a small excerpt from Rewriting the Law, my story in the 12 tales in Sexy to Go Volume 3. Enjoy.

The first hot breeze of the day lifted a tiny swirl of sand. No male in sight confirmed her truly a stray, and from the yellowish dust clinging to her strange suit, she’d come here from much deeper in the desert. How had it happened? Damn it all, he didn’t care how it happened. The great god Kobis smiled on him this dawn.
Mating lust, induced by her aroma, powered through his body. A response he struggled to control stirred in his groin. Every cell she woke within him juddered in pleasure. He inhaled another breath, but even as the first flashes of mating fervor blasted through him, he appraised her.
Could such a frail female mate with the likes of him?
A creature this delicate might be broken in the mating rite, but she was female, rounded where she should be beneath the foul garment. Surely, if he took care and made allowances for her physique, he could mate with her.
Tendrils of her long hair had escaped its binding and wisped about her face. She stared up, blinked and moved her hand to shield her eyes. He couldn’t recall seeing anything so hypnotically beautiful in his life. He reached out to her for he must reassure her she was safe.
“Help me?” She used the intergalactic distress code.
His stomach flipped again. Only a monster could ignore such a plaintive cry.
The rich and exotic fragrance wafting from her, whether she knew it or not, demanded his attention. She forced his hormones to the point that his mating cock hardened until the appendage he rarely used for his solitary sensual pleasure, along with the thickness of the quills running down his spine, resembled the texture of stone. The complexity of her scent promised so much. She offered him the intricate and multi-layered message that announced her close to breeding readiness. He flicked his tongue over his lips in anticipation.
“I need aid,” she said in heavily accented Jagan. “My ship crashed.” She reached out and as she touched one of her fingers to his sent a hot flash of sensation through him.
Careful not to clasp tight, he took her palm in his. Never had he seen anything so fascinating as her hand. The vessels carrying her lifeblood seemed to glow through the lustrous skin. Realization of where they were, so exposed, broke into his absorption. He must get her inside before anyone else tried to take her.
“I’ve got to get you off the street. There’ll be a riot if I don’t. Every unmated male from here to the capital with be compelled to try scent mark you.” Uncertain if she understood what he’d said he lifted her up into his arms and rose. He marveled at her slightness and joyfully inhaled another dose of the smell from her skin.

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Thanks for reading

Daisy Banks