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sssSorchaI am super happy to share Part One of Due Diligence is now available in Sexy To Go: Volume 3. In case you read the serial on the blog, it has been edited, some inconsistencies cleaned up and otherwise made into a more refined and polished story. Part Two will be available in Sexy To Go: Volume 4 next month and the whole story will be out in May as a standalone short story.

One of the themes of Due Diligence is powerful women giving up control in the bedroom. I love this because so often women find themselves holding the reins to life for themselves as well as their families. Whether they are stay at home moms who act as CEO & CFO of the household, working moms who have day jobs before they come home to manage the family at night, or career women who occupy a corner office (or aspire to) giving up control is not always a readily available opportunity.

Which makes the idea of doing so really freaking sexy.

The differences between women and men when it comes to sex has been dissected, analyzed, and picked apart ad nauseam. Let’s just say it is a well established concept that many women use their brains for sex. Based on that idea it becomes quite apparent that if this is true then if a woman can’t shut down her busy brain easily it can lead to difficulties in the bedroom. For some women, some very powerful women, it can be difficult turn off the noise in their heads long enough to get into the mental headspace to result in good sex let alone great sex.

For some women that can be accomplished through alcohol or drugs…no I’m not advocating. Just stating a fact. For others having the choices taken away from them can accomplish the same goal. If someone else is making the decisions then there is no need to think about things. Your only job becomes following directions.

This is part of what women find so appealing about the alpha male and, pushing that boundary even further, dom/sub relationships and power dynamics. Not all women will agree with my thoughts, but for many I’m spot on. The idea of surrendering control to someone who will ensure you find the pleasure you want but can’t always achieve with all the noise in your head is wildly appealing.

Having the chance to explore this dynamic with Adriana and Lucas was so much fun. Especially because it developed over several weeks a little at a time. I hope you enjoy their story as much as I do.

SexyToGo3_2D_SAdriana Leighton is determined to block the sale of Darrington, Inc by their competitor. As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) she’s pulling out all the stops: a financial stabilization and a super secret new project that will land them ahead of the pack.

Lucas Bowerton is intrigued by the dynamo CFO leading Darrington’s come back. On a whim, he conducts his own brand of due diligence which takes a sexy turn when he lays eyes on the brainy bombshell that goes with the resume.

But, he never expects to find a submissive, let alone the one he wants to claim forever.


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