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For me, life just keeps getting busier it seems. I have 3 books releasing next month within a two week period. That’s enough to make any girl cray cray!

On top of that today is 4-13 and I still don’t have my taxes done yet! Almost everyone has fallen prey to the dreaded head cold around here and that’s really slowed things down. I promise to get them post marked by the 15th but that’s about all I can do to get that done.

Did I mention I re-released a book with a new cover and have been working on the 2nd book in the series as well? Yep it’s facelift time here in the old book corral. As we say in the stables .. or was that on Gunsmoke? … saddle ’em up it’s time to ride!

In addition I’m writing a science fiction story for a friend’s birthday – also in May – and I have yet to start a M/M story that’s due in June. I’m so far behind on most things it’s ridiculous, but a girl still has to find time to hike. The wildflowers are really out in full force right now and that’s not a sight to be missed since this will all be brown in a few short months.

And I’m fighting off some wicked SciFi erotic romance plot bunnehs right now. One is M/F and the other M/M. With all these things going on in my brain is it any wonder I write kooky blog posts about insect lovers?


So today, before I lose it and go running down the street tearing my hair out, let’s do a book related promo. Sexy to Go, Volume 1 is on sale for $.99 until April 30th. That’s 15 days after I’m supposed to have my taxes done, assuming I make it! LOL That gives you much longer than I have to consider your next move…

99 cent sale Vol 1

My story in Volume 1 is a M/F/F menage. ‘Cause why not make life more complicated, right?

Excerpt: Trio Concerto by Eva Lefoy


“She’s a voyeur, this one?” The woman who stepped out from behind the tree was even more beautiful in person. She walked with the grace of a cat, her bearing regal as though born to the throne. When she stood next to Liam, she stopped and gave him a light slap in the head. “If you’d quit teasing me, we would have been done by now.”

The motion drew Casi’s attention to a rhinestone bracelet around the woman’s right wrist. The name Dahlia was spelled in shiny silver letters. It seemed to fit the exotic beauty.

Instead of looking put out, Liam grinned. “Maybe she wants to join us.”

Sighing, Dahlia dropped to her knees by Casi’s head. “She might as well,” she purred. “She might even give me the satisfaction you deny.”

Laughing, Liam rocked back on his knees and looked down at her. “All right then. It’s your choice. Stay or go?”

Glancing at Dahlia’s cunt, she wondered if she could do it. I’ve never been with a woman before. Will they know? But their lovemaking, their obvious ease with their naked bodies and their willingness to share intrigued her. This might be the only time I ever get to do this. Swallowing down anxiety, she made her choice. “S-stay.”

Her decision seemed to please him. He waved a hand toward Dahlia. “Take her as you please, my love.”

Dark coffee eyes gazed down at hers as Dahlia slowly unbuttoned her blouse. “Such nice creamy skin.” She undid the front clasp of Casi’s bra. “What perfect little breasts.” She looked up at Liam. “I think you should taste them.”

Liam lifted her into the same position he’d held Dahlia a few minutes ago. As his tongue flicked out to taste her nipples, Dahlia slid her jeans down, exposing her sex.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” Dahlia’s breath on her cheek was sweet, like warm summer fruits, and a rich perfume Casi couldn’t recognize wafted off her skin.

Before she could answer, Liam sucked a nipple into his mouth. His lips were strong and devouring, pulling and then letting go, then moving to the other breast where he nibbled and plundered, making her skin shiver. Inside, she ached with delight. Awash in sensation, she could only shake her head in reply to Dahlia’s question.

“Well, it’s not hard. It’s quite pleasurable, actually.” Dahlia parted Casi’s folds with a long manicured finger. The slightly scratchy, very feminine touch opened her to a new reality. Dahlia’s touch was gentler than a man’s, but no less erotic. As the mysterious woman nestled beside her, the warm softness of her skin teased Casi’s awareness away from what Liam was doing with her nipples. When Dahlia’s finger circled her clit, Casi moaned in approval, thrusting toward the touch. “Yes, that’s it.”

Casi closed her eyes as the tenuous energy spiraled. Torn between two very different sensations, she had a hard time deciding which one to focus on. Then, Dahlia guided their mouths together and kissed her.

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Wish me luck on my taxes!