sssLeighFirst off, kudos to the ladies at Silken Sheets and Seduction for entrusting me with some administration access to this site. Here’s what happened to mine:

I was trying to update some plugins on my WordPress. In my haste I clicked a link and left the update page before it finished loading. As a result, something farked up on the platform and my site went down. Panicked, I went to my GoDaddy admin and restored an old version of my site, thinking I could easily rebuild.

Turns out, the last update on my site was done in 2011. I still had active Fictionwise links in the old version of the site. This meant that I wiped out a lot of data.

A. Lot. I’ve been busy since 2011.

So, what could I do? To be honest, part of me wanted to walk away as though I’d tossed a match behind me onto a puddle of gasoline, blowing up some villain’s lair.

Or I could start over. Which I’m doing.

I have to say, it’s almost therapeutic. I redesign my site every year or so, but there are things I needed to do on the site anyway for relevance. I needed to add new vendor links and clean up dead book listings. I needed to make the site mobile friendly. I needed to make it shareable in social media.

I don’t need all the extra work, though. Don’t worry about me, I should finish soon. And I promise never to touch anything on the back end of THIS site.