My post this time will be a little brief. I have a foul cold and my eyes are streaming so I can hardly see. My news is my fantasy romance, Marked for Magic is out and I am completing a blog tour, I have almost finished all edits for my next story, Christmas Carols, a sweet historical, due out in August, I am having a ball writing like mad for the wonderful Sexy to Go monthly compilations, and I am fleshing out a new story which hopefully might be available before the end of the year, if I work fast.
Yes, I bet with that last sentence you’re out of breath. I’m feeling that way too with so much going on in my writing life. There is a blog tour I am completing which doesn’t finish until the 21st of May. You can find the dates on my wordpress blog.
And, finally, I am thrilled to say I have an author ranking in the erotica genre, even though some of my stuff has been classified as erotica in the past I’d never had an Amazon ranking in that genre. This has opened up a whole new ball game for me.

Many thanks for reading.

Daisy Banks

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