The lovely sssSotiaDeanna Lynn asked me recently for a guest post to go with her review of Threefold, Book 2 – Brad. She said I could write about anything, but I panic when faced with unlimited options, so I asked for suggestions.

One of them was to write about why my genre of choice is erotic romance. I thought my answer would be fitting here too.

Every time I start working on a new story, my mom wants to know what it’s about. I tell her about the plot and characters, she ohhs and ahhs, and the conversation usually ends with her asking the same question.

“Do you have to have sex scenes in this one?”

Yes, Mom. Yes, I do. Because sex is a Big Thing.

Despite society’s intensive efforts to convince women otherwise, sex is neither a sacred “gift” for us to give the love of our lives, nor something for good girls to stay away from. I appreciate casual hookups as much as intimate lovemaking, and I think BDSM and vanilla sex may both have their place in a loving relationship. As long as it’s safe, sane, and consensual, sex is a healthy expression of lust, love, or both. How can something that stems from such human roots be wrong to read or write about?

My characters love sex. They use sex or have been used for sex. They’ve been hurt by sex or betrayed for sex. They crave a quick and dirty anonymous encounter in a club’s ladies’ room, or a slow sensual session looking into each other’s eyes. I can’t separate their desires from the rest of the elements building their story—from who they really are—when I want to show them raw and vulnerable and falling in love.

For a while, I thought I had to. I couldn’t call my work a romance and then go and have my leading man whip out his cock, right? Because a cock can’t possibly be romantic, right?

As you may have guessed, I changed my mind about that.

I was lucky enough to come across Broken by Megan Hart, and a whole new world opened up to me. I’d never before routed for characters so flawed, who ignored all the rules of romance writing. As the title suggested, they were broken. They were too dirty to be romance characters, and they weren’t shy about it. Within a month, I bought and read everything I could find by Megan Hart. She didn’t shy away from ‘cock’ or ‘cunt’ or ‘fucking,’ and I fell in love with each and every one of her books because of it.

Her characters were the kind of people I wanted to write about. Sex was part of them and their relationships, and as long as I write about adults, it will always be in my romance books because I can’t not write it.

(you hear that, Mom?)


Brad Miller thought he was being attentive to his girlfriend’s needs when he talked his best friend into having sex with her. It’s Becca’s fantasy he wants to fulfill, and that’s the only reason he’s trying to convince Colin to join the two of them on her birthday.

Colin stubbornly insists it’s a bad idea. Feelings may develop and risk their friendship, as well as Brad’s relationship with Becca. But Brad wants it all, and for the first time in his life, he doesn’t want to think about consequences.

Until consequences catch up with him, and he’s forced to admit an attraction he isn’t prepared for.

NOTE: The story includes hot boys being confused and sexy together, as well as with a big, beautiful woman.

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