For my post this week I thought I’d give you a little taster of my story Rewriting the Law that is in Sexy to Go. I have enjoyed writing it so much. This little section is from next month’s installment.

She shook her head at the sheer lack of logic, she’d have trouble convincing anyone at home that a race could function in the way Jagan’s did. For generations long past Melan’s had recognized only the mind as the necessary tool for both social and spiritual growth, they paid little attention to physicality. Muscles were mere levers to move limbs.
A fresh memory of him naked rose. Ansgar’s limbs were long and strong, his muscles sculptured and aesthetically pleasing, and it didn’t seem as though the processes of his mind suffered because of them. His problems came from the darn law on Jagan.
Somehow, she’d try to persuade him to release her. If he would not free her at her request she’d plan an escape. To do so would take time and a lot of plotting, but if she could keep hold of her mind, or at least have lucid thought for part of each day she would get away.
Did any of what had befallen her explain the missing crews that had disappeared near this isolated planetary system?
If the all female crews landed here they could easily have been taken captive. Would they have reacted any differently to her when hummed to by a Jagan male? Had they been mated and scent marked too?
How she wished she could stop thinking of it.
With Ansgar.
A fierce tingle raised the fine hair on the back of her neck and she gave up trying to dismiss the yearning to hear again the low thrummed sounds he made. She inhaled and the residue of his scent teased each and every nerve ending she possessed. Her body ached for his touch.

If you’d like to see more of this story you can find it, along with some other fabulous stories in the Sexy to Go compilations, Volume 3 and 4 and next month in Volume 5.

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