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“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Carrying you to bed.”

“Why?” she squeaked.

“I’m a sucker for a female in need of an orgasm.”

“What? I don’t-I-,” she sputtered.

“Either I’m giving you an orgasm or you’re giving yourself one. But I won’t be able to concentrate on anything else with the smell of your need clogging my brain. Your choice.”

Araya’s Addiction
Jocelyn Dex


Drake stood in the middle of a massive fireplace. Naked, his muscles straining, he seemed to be in pain and on fire until Evan realized the man was jerking off, thrusting his hips and stroking a good sized erection while the flames danced over his skin.

“Fuck me,” Evan muttered.

Drake glanced back at the two vampires. His oval eyes lit with the same flames that surrounded him, and a small smile tilted the corners of his lips.

“Or me…” Ava said on an exhale.

Flames and Darkness, Part One (coming July 30, 2015)
Lilly Cain

If Colin asked one more time, Brad would kiss him, and if their lips met again, there was no telling where this would end. But it couldn’t even start unless he talked to Becca. “Becca…”

“Becca’s already slept with me, if that’s all that’s holding you back. If it’s not, tell me you don’t want to kiss me.”

“Shut the fuck up, Colin.”

“Make me.”

Brad (Threefold, #2)
Sotia Lazu

Len nodded and relaxed a bit, yet suspicion continued to nag at him. Long soliloquies in the movies usually resulted in somebody receiving a frying pan to the head. He’d lost track of Gibb while watching Crane make himself at home. The man only needed a few seconds to dip into Len’s adjoining bathroom for a razor and a spare shoestring to use as a garrote.

He turned around and noticed Gibb emerged from there instead holding two folded bath towels. “These should be big enough, I think,” he said, setting them on the foot of the bed.

“For what?” Len asked.

“For you, Len,” Crane said, and pulled out a small digital music player with a detachable speaker. “I need one towel for the bed so we don’t stain your sheets with the oil.”

Len nodded. That sounded reasonable. “And the other?”

Crane’s smile touched his ears. “Please undress, and you’ll find out.”

-“Enter Sandman” from Men & Mayhem (Coming Summer, 2015)
-By Leigh Ellwood