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Hello friends and fans,

I am using today’s post to say goodbye for a while. It has been so lovely here with my beautiful and sexy friends, but life has taken a turn and I need to take a step back. I will return as a guest, I am sure! As a thank you for everything, I am leaving today with a short story for you. Enjoy!

Not necessity, not desire – no, the love of power is the demon of men.

Friedrich Nietzsche.

“Mr. Black, are you ready?” Julien’s client called to him from outside the workroom.

Julien didn’t look back. It wasn’t wise to pay too much attention to the identities of those who hired him to raise a demon. Whatever they said or did was up to them. It was their deal, not his. Instead he concentrated on the magic.

Demons were tricky. If any tiny element of the spell was incorrect and the demon arrived without the proper binding, they inevitably went after the summoning magician and made a meal out of them, preferably while said magician was live and screaming. And that was before they devoured your soul.

Julien wiped the blood from his blade. His forearm throbbed where he’d used the knife to slice through his skin, just deep enough to bring forth the required ounce of blood. He ignored the part of him that screamed a warning he knew too well. Offering his own blood instead of an animal sacrifice tied him to the demon summoning a little too closely. But killing for profit, even a small animal, seemed worse somehow than risking himself. Those little deaths beat at him. The last time he’d been forced to kill, he’d wondered if he would ever get over the feeling of regret as the tiny heart of his sacrifice pounded out its last rhythm. He hoped not. If he didn’t feel it any longer, didn’t hate it and regret the necessity in some part of his own heart, would there be anything of his soul left?

Magic required sacrifice. There was always a price. There was no escape from it, and no way to stop. The power of it, the way magic rushed through him like adrenaline, leaving him feeling strong yet vulnerable, so open to the forces that breathed life into every living thing was an addiction, and a necessity. Magic was a part of every fiber of his being. He could no more stop practicing magic than he could stop breathing. And, since it also paid the bills, Julien had mastered the summoning spells, along with those that were considered more acceptable to the general populace. Levitation and teleportation were interesting, but he got paid to raise demons.

“Mr. Black.” Impatience underlined the customer’s voice.

Julien walked the circumference of the workroom, and studied the chalked outline of his spell on the floor. Everything seemed primed, ready for whatever was about to take place. When he called on a demon, it was usually an imp or a lower level information dealer. This was something different. In the middle of his carefully inscribed incantation a wrought iron bed crouched like a waiting spider. The blackened metal shape of its headboard, with its sinuous curves and intricate design was at odds with the shabby condition of the building where Julien performed his magic.

The customer had brought the bed. And provided the name of the demon.

Sex magic. The whole thing reeked of it.

“Mr. Black, we’ve got a schedule to keep. Are you ready?”

Julien looked back at the man impatiently glancing at his watch. An expensive suit and sunglasses put him more at odds with the location than the bed. Who schedules in a demon fuck? Julian shrugged. He pulled his wand from the back pocket of his jeans and tapped a design into the air. He erected a glowing privacy screen, its walls blocking the view of the bed from nearly any angle. “The spell is ready.”

Julien stepped aside, expecting his client to walk into the room and get to business. Instead, the suit opened the outer office door, ushering another man inside. Only then did Julien realize that the first man was just a front; that the real customer had probably been waiting in a car in the shadows of the alley outside. Recognition hit him quickly, but years of dealing with the scummier elements of the city kept his expression blank. Mayoral candidate David Contreau.

“Mr. Black, please proceed.” Contreau pulled off his long coat and handed it to what Julien now assumed was his private assistant.

It was still none of Julien’s business. Whatever Contreau required from a demon wasn’t something Julien needed, or wanted, to know about. Although, word on the street was the probable next mayor of Miami could and did have any woman he wanted. He didn’t need a sex demon, not unless his preferences ran in a direction too kinky for possible public exposure. And if they did, he was still risking a lot even being here.

Contreau walked toward the privacy screen. “Don’t touch the chalk,” Julien warned him as he rounded the corner. Contreau ignored him, but it didn’t matter. He chalk delineated the spell but it wasn’t the power that held the demon in check. That was all Julien.

Julien glanced back at Contreau’s assistant. The man looked slightly nervous; a bead of sweat fell and darkened the collar of his shirt. When Contreau’s assistant noticed Julien watching, he swallowed hard and turned to stare pointedly at the door. Whatever he expected to happen, he was clearly wishing it was already over. Julien strode to his worktable and picked up the vial of his own blood. His stomach turned. Every time he did this, called forth a creature from hell, he risked his life and soul. If it wasn’t for the money—if it wasn’t for his sister Jenny’s expensive medical treatments—he’d never do it again. He’d stick to white magic. But she needed surgery if she was going to see again, and he needed the money to pay for it.

The sound of metal on metal caught his attention just before he poured his blood into a waiting flame. Julien stared at the screen and checked the flow of power in the room. Whatever Contreau was doing, it wasn’t messing with the magic. He tipped the vial, and spoke the words.

* * *


It pulled at her. A calling; a strong one. Someone wanted a Daughter of Lilith, tonight. Excitement rippled through the temple as speculation on the summons burned through the ranks of acolytes who should have been concentrating on their duties. As the call drew stronger she paused in her duties as priestess in the Temple of Lust to walk to the pool of revelations. She placed a single finger on the rippling liquid. The pool stilled and flame flickered from her touch to ignite the oils within.


Realization gripped her. They were calling her, calling her by name. It could only be one man. Fear and anger pulsed within her. A summons should mean pleasure and power for a Daughter of Lilith. This was something else. Already she was changing, unable to resist the summons. She looked out over her acolytes and saw their eyes close as they glanced away from her, some in sorrow, and others in fear. She looked back into the pool at her reflection. He once pale skin ripened as she watched, the color shifting from creamy flesh into the shade of blood. Her skin felt tight over her face and pain bloomed in her back, both high and low. Wings she could live with, but the ignominy of the tail bit at her.

She was being commanded to the earthly plane by Contreau. He only wanted to steal from her, to take and take. Why could he at least not imagine her as some woman of his own kind? Instead, in his twisted mind he summoned her with the image of the beast. As if it would be less sadistic of him to torture a creature for power than a woman. He was wrong. And if she ever managed to break free during one of his little sessions she would kill him for it.

Her world shifted around her. She clung to the edge of the pool, but her temple faded away to blackness until even the sensation of touch was gone. Then, in a ripping explosion of power, she was dragged into the human world.

Syn gasped for breath. Power and control banded around her in seemingly endless waves of energy. Whoever had summoned her for Contreau held far more magical energy than the last magician he’d hired. Before she could bring herself to open her eyes to the garish human light, her arms were caught and wrenched backward. Pain brought a hiss to her lips as her skin was bound by silver and iron, and her wings were pressed awkwardly beneath her.

Under her, the soft kiss of satin contrasted with the pain.


“Contreau.” She opened her eyes to stare at him. Some undoubtedly considered him a handsome man. They’d be drawn by his intensity, his charisma. They’d never know the power of his appeal was stolen from her, or others like her. “I’m surprised to see you so soon.”

“I’m almost there. I just need that little bit more…” He trailed off and she wondered if the irony of his statement was as clear to him as it was to her. Idly Syn tested the bonds that bound her. They were secure, both magic and metal.

“Why do we play this game every time I call you Syn? You know I need this power. I can change things in this town, make them they way they should be.” Contreau shook his head and pulled a small velvet bag from his pocket. She’d come to hate that bag as much as she hated his condescending tone. “You’re a succubus, a simple sex demon. I know you don’t understand. But it’s for the greater good. Even the power of hell can be used for good.”

“Is that what you tell yourself? What do you tell the magicians, Contreau?” Syn’s heart beat madly as he pulled two crystal objects from the small pouch. Despite her determination a small moan escaped her as he held them out where she could see them. An engraved disc and a phallus, artifacts that must have once lay in a position of honor in her temple. They didn’t belong here any more than she did.

“I don’t tell them anything.”

Syn licked her lips as he studied his tools. He lifted the disc and light danced through the crystal’s facets to play rainbow patterns over her bound body. There was always a chance that the magician would hear and stop this now. “Of course not. Because then you kill them. Not exactly the act of a good man.”

Contreau smiled. “There are always sacrifices, Syn.” He laid the disc against her lips. Involuntarily she kissed the relic, and shuddered when he shifted it to the skin above her heart. Already she could feel it pulling strength from her.

“Open your legs for me, Syn. Splay them wide.”

“Bastard.” But she had no choice. The magical bindings on her were powerful and the wording of her summoning had her obey no matter what Contreau requested. Slowly she spread her legs for him. Being naked meant nothing to her. Sex with a human was not a problem. She had enjoyed it many times in many forms, but this…Contreau would not touch her himself. He would take her again and again with the crystal cock, its cold hard surface would drive her to the edge repeatedly, but never over. And with every near peak, her power would glow bright, only to be swallowed by the disc. By the time he was done she would be left, drained and unsatisfied, and he would have enough charisma to sway hundreds of weak souls to his will.

* * *

A long hour into the spell and Julien couldn’t stand it any longer. The sounds behind the privacy screen were getting to him. It was starting again, whatever Contreau was up to. Metal against metal, breathy sounds of pleasure and soft feminine moans gaining momentum until whoever was back there seemed ready to scream out in orgasm. Hell, Julien’s cock was so hard just from listening, he was ready to come in his pants. But whatever was going on, they didn’t make it, and the whimper that sounded this time, as the moans broke off, had Julien gritting his teeth.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but Julien couldn’t resist. He glanced back at Contreau’s assistant. The suit had pulled earphones on and was furiously texting away on his cell phone, doing his best, apparently, to pretend he was anywhere but here. With a small motion, Julien altered the privacy screen spell to allow him to look beyond its glowing walls.

He blinked. His black jeans, already uncomfortably tight, seemed to shrink around his cock. Contreau had his back to the bed, apparently taking a short break. Julien stared at the succubus on the bed, and swallowed hard. He’d never imagined a demon could be so incredible, so desirable. Usually demon kind repulsed him. This one took his breath away. Her lithe body curved deeply in all the right places. Hairless except for a short fringe of scarlet curls on her scalp, her crimson skin gleamed with a thin sheen of sweat. She panted, her chest heaving with breaths that sent tremors through her full breasts to the tips of her stiffened nipples. Her pussy looked slick with cream. Her wings were pressed behind her and a long tail curved around her right leg. Bondage had never been one of his kinks, but seeing a set of silver cuffs on her wrists, knowing she was absolutely controlled sent waves of lust through his body.

Contreau turned back to her. He fingered something, a crystal disk. He seemed bigger somehow, stronger. Julien frowned as he tried to remember exactly what Contreau had looked like when he’d entered the room. The politician remained fully clothed. With exaggerated care he laid the disk on her chest and then began to play with one of her nipples, pulling at its taunt tip until she squirmed.

“Now, Syn, this time you’re going to give me a little more. Show me how much you want it. Give me everything you have, and maybe I’ll let you come.” He placed the disc on the demon’s chest.

“Why don’t you fuck yourself?” Syn rasped. Julien caught the anger in her voice, and the frustration that was nearing desperation. He frowned. What was Contreau playing at? He’s not just going to torture her, leave her begging?

Contreau laughed, his deep voice full of humor. Julien found himself listening hard to the man’s voice. No wonder he did so well on interviews. “I will actually. You might not understand how this works exactly, Syn, but the more you give me, and the more you need to climax, the better this works.” He held up what looked like a glass dildo. It caught the light. “The more frantic you are, the better it’s going to feel when I transfer your power into me. I’ll enjoy the relief you were denied.”

“You’re going to stick that up your ass and get off Contreau? I bet your voters would like to see that.”

She was either baiting him, or delaying him, Julien couldn’t decide which. Contreau’s eyes looked like flint, cold and hard. He reached out and grabbed the end of the demon’s tail.

“Yes, after tonight, they probably would. They’ll want anything I can give them. Now lift your legs up high and hold them open. I’m going to see how your ass likes getting a little tail.” He laughed again. Julien shivered. There wasn’t a lot of sanity in Contreau’s laughter.

Julien glanced upward to the demon’s face. Despite her bravado her lips trembled. He looked higher and found a pair of huge glowing eyes, half lidded in pleasure and pain. In her eyes he saw something. He’d done this. Never mind that as a succubus she was literally made for sex. He’d summoned her and chained her with magic and placed her at a crazy man’s mercy. She wasn’t here to make a deal with Contreau. Whatever he was doing, the politician was using her and she didn’t want to be a part of it.

He should look away. He should forget this, forget her. He needed the money and she was a demon after all, not human. But her eyes told him different.

* * *


Syn felt eyes on her. The magician was watching. She could feel his interest, his desire. He wanted her. Was it only because she was bound, humiliated by Contreau? Or did he get his kicks staring through peepholes like the one he’d created in the privacy screen that sheltered Contreau’s sadistic actions? It didn’t matter, not really. His presence might be the only thing that could help her. She’d always enjoyed being watched. If she could imagine now that she was in her temple being served by the priests, enjoying their heated touch and absolute devotion, she might be able to bring herself to orgasm despite Contreau’s skill at leaving her wanting.

She imagined the magician standing on the other side of the screen, stroking his cock to the same rhythm that Contreau used to thrust the crystal phallus into her pussy. The thought warmed her. She rocked her hips in a slow circle, trying to use every sensation to push her over the edge. If she could orgasm, she would be free. All the power Contreau had siphoned off would be returned threefold. She would break her chains and strangle him with the handcrafted silver links. If she could reach fulfillment.

Of course, if the magician could see her, he could probably hear her too.

“You shouldn’t kill this one, Contreau. He’s the best magician you’ve ever had.”

The politician never missed a beat. “But I don’t kill them, Syn, you do. And you leave so little evidence. You have to admit this is the perfect set-up.” He thrust into her and she groaned. She was so close.

“Speaking of the set-up, I think we’re done here.” He pulled away from her, and she bit back a cry of despair. Her body was weak. He’d drained most of her power and she was left with nothing, not even enough power to return to her realm. “Don’t think I didn’t notice how close you were. But you can’t hide that from me, Syn. You’re mine. I can call you any time I need you. And you can’t do anything but obey.”

Syn watched helplessly as he set about obliterating the first section of the binding spell. The magician had been thorough, but Contreau knew far more than he should as a politician. Someone had taught him the ins and outs of summoning. Not for the first time, Syn wondered how the asshole had come up with the whole thing. How he had gotten his hands on sacred relics? Perhaps he was a magician as well, and used others as scapegoats.

The only way Syn could return to her realm and temple now, was to absorb the power of the magician. Even if she would rather rend Contreau limb from limb, there was never any time to recover sufficient strength to catch him before he made his escape, leaving the magician as a final sacrifice to the magic that had summoned her here. She would take the mage and use his power to return home. Home, where she could recover with the care of her acolytes, only to become vulnerable to Contreau’s call once again.

“There you are my dear,” Contreau’s voice dripped with charisma. He was already pulling power from the crystals. “With the release incantation you’ll be free to clean up after me and go home. Rest up. I have something new for next time.”

Syn stared at him. Something in his tone sent a ripple of terror through her.

“The election is next week. When I see you next Syn, it will be for the last time.” He patted her head like a man would his dog. “You’ve been good. But I need it all.”

He was going to kill her. Whatever he had in mind, it would be worse than this, and there would be no recovery. This was her last chance. Terror and fury thrummed through her, loaning her a moment of strength. She lunged for him, her claws raking out toward him. But he was too good, too obsessed with the details. He’d left her bound by the silver chains that would only dissolve after his departure. Despite the damage he’d done to the binding spells, she couldn’t reach him.

* * *

Julien snapped the window shut and forced his attention toward pretending to clean up from the summoning. Contreau was rounding the privacy screen and Julien carefully ignored him and began to lay out the implements he would need to close off the spells and send the succubus home. If he could. His heart pounded and he hoped the evil son of a bitch couldn’t sense his panic like a shark could hone in on blood in the water. What the hell did he do? The power behind the screen was badly warped and already pounding out for release.

“There’s always a price for secrets, isn’t there Black?” Contreau’s voice held a charm to it, one that might have swayed Julien if he hadn’t known better.

“True enough, sir.”

Contreau motioned to his assistant who approached and held out Contreau’s coat, helping him shrug it over his shoulders. “Your money’s on the table.”

Julien kept his face blank. His only chance was to deal with the demon on his own, without interference. If Contreau thought he was unaware of what had happened, he would expect Julien to close the damaged circle of the spell and leave himself open to the demon’s embrace. “I am very discreet. If you should need my services again, you know how to reach me.”

Contreau didn’t bother to answer, he was already headed for the door, his assistant in tow. Julien watched them leave, and then shuddered as the door shut silently behind them. A simple wave of his hand reinstated the magical security he’d long ago installed over all the doors and windows. He slid a hand though his hair and pulled hard at the short strands. He was in deep shit.

Power moved behind the privacy screen. Tempting as it was, he couldn’t leave the demon there and run for it. Like an idiot he’d tied himself to the spell with his own blood rather than sacrifice some little animal. Eventually someone would stumble over the thing and the demon would get free to chase him down, killing anything that got in the way. “Fuck.”

He tapped the opaque privacy wall with the tip of his wand. It dropped away, revealing what was left of his summoning spell.

Syn paced the edge of the chalked inscription, circling the bed that Contreau had brought. The rumpled satin sheets and the scent of sex nudged at him, reminded him of the thick swelling still throbbing in his jeans. She looked angry, and tired. She’d been through a lot and Julien felt another twinge of guilt. She turned and caught him staring at her. She hissed, her lips drawing back to expose short fangs on either side of her mouth.

“Stop that. We have to figure out a way to get you out of this mess.”

Syn stopped moving, her attention completely focused on him. Despite the fact that she seemed fragile somehow, Julien understood for the first time how much a man could desire a demon.

“Get me out? You are the one that’s screwed, magician. There is only one way out for me now, and you know it.”

Julien forced himself to turn away from her and study the mess Contreau had made of the chalked spell. The drawing wasn’t that important, but he’d done something to the power that lay underneath the chalk. The spell was tainted. Releasing the circle would normally allow a demon to slip back to their own plane of existence. What had been done here would allow Syn to walk on earth, uncontrolled, if he lowered the circle.

“If I let you go, can you go home?” Her eyebrows, thin, perfectly shaped lines of dark scarlet, raised in surprise. He felt her evaluating him.

“You know the answer. Contreau has sucked me dry, so to speak.” Her lips twisted wryly. “I need your power.” She sagged against the bed.

Julien’s mouth went dry as he watched her lay back against the satin sheets. His cock throbbed. He kicked himself—she’d just been abused. Thinking of taking her had to be wrong. But dear god…

An idea hit him like a slap. His heart pounded.

“What if we make a deal?”

* * *

Syn pursed her lips. She was tempted to stroke herself, to ease the ache between her thighs until the magician gave up and accepted what would happen, or he ran and she was forced to wait for an unsuspecting stranger. She would do more than kill Contreau for this.

“What if we make a deal?”

Syn shook her head. “What?”

“I said, let’s make a deal.” Already the magician had pulled out his wand and was doing…something…to the spells set around the bed. He was unraveling some, twisting others together. To her eyes the spells glowed as he touched them, working the lines like they were a mass of woven threads. He was concentrating on them, his movements strong and certain.

Power seeped through his skin, like a thousand particles of diamond dust. As he worked it pulsed, even through the confines of his black t-shirt and heavy black jeans. He was more muscular that most magicians she’d met, long and lean like a swimmer. She licked her lips. He was going to be delicious, and she would regret, a little, destroying him in her rush to be free.

He’d finished and she studied the effect of the changes he’d created in the spells. Unlike Contreau’s taint, the magician had true magic. Of course, it was his spell to begin with. Her eyes widened as she realized just how much the spell was tied to him. He’d used his own blood. The new incantation was even stronger than the original summons, but she wasn’t sure exactly what some of it meant.

“It’s sex magic.” The magician’s voice held a tone that reminded her of the ache between her legs.

“Well I know that. What did you do?”

“Sex builds power. Having sex in this circle will build energy. I can give you that power if you agree not to try to kill me—or hurt me in any way.”

Hope caught at her, but was quickly dashed. “It won’t be enough to send me home.”

“No. but it might be enough to let you find Contreau.”

She narrowed her eyes at him. “A powerful incentive. And just what do you get out of it?”

“Life. And you. I want you.”

Syn glanced down. She could see the outline of his cock, thick and hard in the confines of his jeans. He might want to help her, but he definitely wanted to fuck her. That she understood. Contreau was going to kill her anyway, even if she managed to get home. He wouldn’t be expecting her here, on this plane. She would find him and kill him first. “Agreed.”

“I need your blood. Just a drop. Right here to seal the agreement.”

Syn hesitated. She’d never sacrificed blood for any spell other than as priestess. But what choice did she have? She walked over to him to stand in front of the portion of magic that held more complex energy knots than she had ever seen in over a hundred years of dealing with human magicians. “What is your name?”

He studied her for moment, wondering perhaps what, if anything, the information could gain her. She could have told him she needed it for her peace of mind, but she doubted he would believe it. His eyes were dark blue, the color she’d heard attributed to the deepest bodies of water, something she herself had never experienced. “Julien. Do you agree?”

She could smell him. Lust, strong and simple; magic—powerful, intense. He was watching her lips, staring at them. “Yes.” She held her wrist to her lips and nicked it open with a quick bite. His eyes widened, but he held his place as she dripped her blood, nearly black in this form, onto the spell.


* * *

Julien told himself to be careful. He was playing with fire. But neither one of them had much choice. Syn was dangerous, but he had the only answer. It was a risk he had to take and to hell with it—she was too beautiful not to touch, taste. He stepped into the circle, never taking his eyes away from hers. He leaned slowly forward, tilting his head to slant his lips against hers. He couldn’t bring himself to shutter her glowing eyes from his view, and he watched as they flickered from wariness to lust and back again.

He shifted, turning to sit on the bed and she moved with him. He lifted his arms to circle her, stroking the naked skin of her back between the arch of her wings. Still her eyes stayed open, and he deepened their kiss, running his tongue over her lips and separating them. Finally, he delved inside her mouth, avoiding her fangs to taste her heat. As he did she made a soft sound deep in her throat, and her eyes drifted closed. Was it surrender? It was so much more, he realized as she moved her own hands to run up his sides, stroking his back and coming to clutch at his shoulders.

For the briefest moment, he thought about the magic, and whether she might turn on him somehow, after he’d set her free. Then, as she pulled closer to him and strove to press him down against the bed, everything was forgotten except her. He reached up to caress the fullness of her breasts. She was perfect. Her skin was the color of rubies, smooth, flawless. She was different than any woman he’d known—she was sex incarnate.

Her nipples stood proudly erect, and he felt his own body stiffen in reaction, blood thundering through his veins as he struggled to take the moment slowly. When he sucked one nipple into his mouth he heard her moan, a low, powerful sound that could have driven him to orgasm right then and there. Between that, the scent of her, and the feeling of her supple skin under his hands and mouth, he might lose his mind.

When her hands stroked lower to rub at his thighs and the bulge in his jeans, he knew he was lost. The power was already building in the spell and he felt drunk, or high, everything within him focusing on each sensation. She felt it too. What had been missing in her reaction to Contreau—pleasure. A deep groan resonated in his throat. He was never going to last if he didn’t take this slowly, and by God did he want it to last.

“Julien,” she half-sighed, half-moaned his name. “Fuck me.”

“Shh.” He kissed her, possessing her mouth more roughly now, nipping her lips with his teeth. Her moans were reckless now, and she squirmed on top of him. Somehow, her wings and tail had disappeared. Her appearance had shifted slightly. If anything she was more delicious. He raised himself up on one elbow she gripped at his t-shirt, pulling it from the waist of his jeans. He took a moment to strip it off, and was rewarded as her fingers stroked his chest and stomach, then moved to attempt to open the top button of his jeans. He grinned and chased her away. His jeans were sort of the last barrier, and he was keeping them until the last moment. For just the tiniest moment, he hesitated. Only yesterday he had smirked at the idea of screwing a demon and how stupid it was to want them so much that you would risk your soul. Then her hands pulled at him again and he was undone.

He fingered the wet heat of her pussy. Dear god, I am never going to get over this.

* * *

Her heart was going to pound its way out of her chest. She’d never felt such intense need. The hours of teasing and straining for orgasm had done things to her that no temple ceremony had ever achieved—she was ravenous with desire. Julien’s hands and kisses flowed over her body, bringing wave after wave of glorious sensation. All around her she could feel his magic pulsing with the power of their lust and it brought her to the trembling edge.

She could hear her own guttural moans and a part of her was amazed at her lack of inhibition with another human so soon after Contreau. There was no comparison between the two men. Contreau only took from her, not even bothering to give her the pleasure of a kiss. Julien risked everything to give them both a chance to escape, and he relished in the pleasure between their bodies. His soft groans were thrilling, pushing her level of desperation as he moved so slowly to lift her to her knees and finger every inch of her skin. The fact that he wanted to take his time with her was exciting, and maddening.

“Now,” she demanded, but he ignored her, his lips pressed against her navel. Finally he slid lower on the bed until she knelt over his face. He lifted his lips to her pussy and dragged his tongue over her. Within moments she was lost in a spiral of bliss. Her mouth shaped the words, and she breathed out his name.

He pulled her down to stretch out against him, parting her legs so she could rub against him. The rough texture of his jeans was breathtaking after the velvet heat of his tongue. She clutched him to her, wrapping herself around his body. She reached again for his jeans and this time he shifted to allow her hands entry, even as he teased her breasts with his hands and ravished her neck and shoulders with his mouth.

“Just a minute,” he growled.

He stood up from the bed long enough to pull off his jeans. His cock sprang free, thick and stiff, proving to her that he needed her as much as she needed him. She reached out to stroke him, rose to touch her lips to him, but he pulled at her shoulders.

“I don’t think I can take that, and live to follow through,” he rasped. His eyes were clouded with lust.

He lifted her to her knees, and pressed their bodies together even as his lips met hers. She tasted her own cream and his distinct masculine flavor as she opened her mouth to his. Skin against skin, they kissed. He gripped her ass, lifting her slightly, enough to encourage her to wrap her legs around his waist. He pushed between her legs with his hips, and parted her, half thrusting and half lowering her onto him. She gasped with pleasure. He groaned her name out loud. Her climax was nearly immediate, his took a blessedly long time.

For the next hour, time stood still as they brought each other over the edge again. With each flow of desire, each peak, Syn felt the energy return to her. It was enough, more than enough to chase Contreau.

“Are you being generous, or do you just hate Contreau after what he had planned?”

“I don’t give a fuck about Contreau.” Julien murmured against her skin. He was sated and she could feel the urge to rest growing within his body. She checked the energy of the magic around them. He had given her everything he had. He was nearly helpless. Surprise, and something else, slipped though her. He had trusted her to keep to her bargain.

She looked down at him. His eyes were nearly closed.

“Your magic has restored me. But I could take you again. I could use my sex magic to make you give the very last of your power. I could drain you.”

His eyes opened, that deep blue unlike any on her plane. “You could try. Or you could chase after Contreau, finish him, and then come back to me. We could do it together. We could find a new spell. One that gives us everything. Or one that takes nothing. You could show me what you really look like.”

Syn remembered the look on Contreau’s face and his promise to call her again. To take everything, even her life. And then who would protect her temple and the acolytes there?  Who would stop him from calling one of them and draining their power?

“You’re tied to me now, Syn, your blood to mine. I told you, we’re in this together. You do what you have to with that asshole. And then it’s just you and me.”

He was offering her revenge, and escape, and perhaps power, all tied with the pretty bow of his lust. For as long as the blood bond between them endured. They would be lovers. Partners. How could she say no?


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Lilly Cain