My post this week is an excerpt that comes from my story Rewriting the Law. One of the stories in Sexy to Go Volume 5. There is also a lovely teaser for you to enjoy. Sorcha gave this to me as a gift and I think it’s beautiful. I hope you like it too.

Sexy to Go Vol 5 Rewriting the law image

“Elana, my beautiful jewel. My mate,” he whispered.
The sheer delight of his scent filled her, sparking lustful tingles through her flesh. The low thrum from him reverberated in her chest and thrilled to a delicious peak in her clitoris. Heat flooded her, not the warmth of healing from the restorative, but the heat of desire burned in her loins and breasts.
She slipped her arms around his waist. A smile lit his eyes as he looked down into her gaze. He angled his head and his lips found hers. A moan rose in her throat, for he took control of her mouth, probed rhythmic and deep with his tongue, showing her exactly what would come next. Mating, he didn’t need to say the word. He sent thrills of excitement in ripples through her, so she pressed her body tight to his.
“Later, my treasure,” he murmured, and let her go. “Put this on and then you will look like a respectable Jagan female.” He held out the flimsy fabric and she accepted it.
A solid ache for him to take her, along with the unfamiliar need for pleasurable release demanded she respond to it. Where had this thick wave of desire come from? She’d drunk no water. How long did the wicked sensual effects last?
He smiled, and her heart rate rose to exercise levels, another pool of warmth slicked between her thighs.
She wanted him to smile at her? No reason explained such a desire, but on seeing his expression, her heart skipped a beat and she waited hopeful of another of his kisses.
The garment she held slid whispery soft in her hand. The fabric appeared sheer enough as to be almost transparent. She shook it out and discovered it had tiny little straps. After she put it on she glanced up to see if he smiled. Pleasure came, for yes, he did. Even so, she whispered, “This isn’t very practical.”
He shook his head, turned her slowly all the way around and then nodded. “No, it’s not. But you are not a drone for drudgery. You are my beautiful mate.”


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