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Eva2Hey all. I’ve got some good news and some good news. Yeah, I know it’s sort of redundant LOL. But hey, you can’t blame a girl for trying….

My science fiction romance The Trouble with Memories was named best Science Fiction book by Easychair Bookshop. Is that cool or what? In case you haven’t read about the book, it’s wacky, it’s suspenseful and it’s sexy. Here’s a sample:

“That’s better.” He covered her lips with light, feathery kisses barely holding back the passion she sensed burning wild inside of him. With a moan, she wrapped her arms around his neck and opened her mouth inviting his tongue inside. The feel of his lips was the same but the flavor was new, spicy, exciting and she wanted more of it.

His hips bucked, jutting his cock into her soft flesh. “Damn it, Lucy,” he growled into her ear, “there isn’t a man alive that could really forget you. Don’t you ever think so.”

Her hips rose in return, delivering a challenge. She hugged him tighter, the scrape of fabric on fabric dreamy to her ears. “You better hope it stays that way, space cowboy.”

He snickered and raked his teeth along her neck to nibble on her collarbone. “You taste smoky.” The tip of his tongue traced to where the zipper began on her jumpsuit. “And good. Oh, so good.”

He mouthed her zipper, pulling it down with his teeth while she watched, chest tight. Was this really happening or was it only another dream? Please, I don’t want to wake up.

Lips followed along the swell of her breast, pausing at the fabric of her bra. “Yep. I knew it would be black,” he muttered, teeth raking over her tender skin, nudging the fabric aside.

“You knew what?” She sucked in a breath as his lips closed around her nipple. Hot and wet, his tongue lavished attention until the rosy bud tightened and stood, eager for more.

He raked his teeth over the tip and sucked the sensitive, aching tip into his mouth.

She moaned, clenching her fingers in his hair, no longer caring about smoking wires, deadly traps or surprise fugitive lifestyles. “Cal!”


TTWM couple bw

BTW doesn’t he look a bit like Chakotay? Yeah, it makes me think of Voyager all the time!

Now, if a few Martians don’t get in their way, they’ll have a very happy reunion.

Find The Trouble With Memories here.

Oh, and my other good news? Er… uh…. I kind of made that part up. But give me a few minutes and I’ll think of something….

Happy reading!