sssLeighSo today is my day to post at Silken Sheets, and….I got nothing. I’m at TRS Parties today, talking about some recent releases, and I’m working on a new story for the next Sexy To Go collection. I also have editing work – four projects to complete yesterday. Oh, and I have a day job.

I turned in an edit the other day for Daring Destiny, which comes out soon. Sly Foxes is set for a July 1 release, and today I received a nice email from a reader asking about other stories I’d hoped to write, so now I’m inspired to dust those ideas off and get to work. Why does it seem like I have nothing to share when there’s so much going on?

I’m tired, naturally. It’s been a draining week here, mainly because the kidlet is in the middle of her end of year testing period at school. Once this is over, her next week is merely coasting until summer vacation. I have that to look forward to, that and a trip to New York at the end of the month. The kidlet loves NYC, but if she suspects she’s going there to learn something she pouts. Well, she will have to put up with a trip to MoMA, and maybe the big Toys R Us in Times Square if there’s time.

After that, a whole summer of reading and writing and promoting authors. I said I had nothing, but maybe I just have too much. o.O