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jocelyn dex, paranormal romanceHappy Friday!

I didn’t have anything to blog about until I saw a poll about pubic hair. More specifically, what men prefer when it comes to women’s poons. The majority of men polled, liked their woman’s sweet spot to be completely bare.

When did this happen and why?

Have you ever watched a 70’s porno? There is FULL bush all around. But, watch a porno now and you see a bunch of bare-baby-ass twats. (Yes, I said ‘twat’. Offensive to some, but it makes me laugh.)

Did men’s brains suddenly undergo a neurological change making them crave it bare, and then they went on to beg their women to do it? Then the women told their friends and it started a snowball effect?

Or was it women who suddenly decided they were fans of deforestation?

bareOr did men crave this all along and it just took the women time to catch up?

Also, what’s the purpose?

Does it make the women feel sexier?

Does it make the men hornier? (Like men could be hornier. Snort.)

Don’t worry ladies, if going bare horrifies you, you’ll be happy to know that ‘neatly trimmed’ was the second favorite.

Personally, I’m neither for nor against a bald puss. I may or may not have tried it. I’ll never tell. But, I have my preference as I’m sure you have yours, and really, what do I care what others do with their junk? (Hint: I don’t.) I’m just curious when this started and what the reasoning is behind it.

Also, I’d like to do my own poll. Women (and men), how do you like your man’s dong area? Completely bare? Neatly trimmed? Fully forested?