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Sidney crossed her legs and turned in her seat, squeezing her arms close to her body as though to preserve warmth. “How does a key lime drink become the specialty of the house here? Rather unusual choice.”

“Not really. The person who owns the Den is from South Florida. She used to run a lesbian bar down there. I guess they’re a dime a dozen, so she came up here to find a captive audience. Before that she taught English at some college, so that’s where the Woolf came from.” Kit crooked her head toward a poster of Virginia Woolf’s profile on the brick wall. Several artistic renditions of the famed author decorated the establishment, in places where one didn’t find the semi-nudes.

“I would love to have had a place like this in Wyoming to go to.”

“Yeah?” Images of gorgeous women in tight blue jeans, bouncing in saddles as the horses they straddled galloped in some wide prairie, filled Kit’s mind. One rarely ran into country girls in town, and suddenly Kit pictured Sidney in a Stetson the color of her geektastic shoes.

Sidney in a cowgirl hat, stripped down to a Rubik-colored thong, straddled over her hips and bucking with one hand in the air… yee-haw.

 -The Sweetest Dare
-By Leigh Ellwood

Mmmmmm. My mouth exploded with happiness at the intersection of male skin and flawless, honeyed flavor. I licked, moaned, and licked some more. He tugged my hips to his, leaving no space between our bodies. His cock ground against me, and I bit his chest, nipping with hungry intensity. Losing myself in the moment, my teeth scraped over a nipple and I savored his groan like a fine wine.

-Sweet  Cravings

-By Eva Lefoy

He smells clean and expensive, like new money. Like the kind of lifestyle I should be living. Like my next fix. His pricey, tailored pants weren’t meant to be around his ankles in a dirty back alley, but goddamn they look good pooled at his feet. I reach up and grip his hips to pull him further into my mouth and past my tonsils when the sexiest sound rumbles in his throat above me. “Fuck, yes… you’re so dirty…”
If he only knew.

-Altered State

-By Ella Dominguez