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Hey, all! Since this is my first post on Silken Sheets & Seduction as a full-blown blogger, I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Allyson Lindt *waves*. I write sexy-hot stories about geeky guys, and the women they fall in love with.
During the day, I’m a computer-type-person-cubicle dweller. Work inspires both the good and the bad in my books.

Elliot_BWI’ve been writing for ages, published for a little over two years, and plan to keep reading and penning hot stories for as long as they let me.

I’m going to leave an excerpt from my newest release below. And then I’d love to get to know all of you. Tell me about yourselves ^_^



Roll Against Regret (3d20 2)

This book contains sexy gamer guys vying for the same woman—and each other, serious doses of voyeurism and exhibitionism, and a second chance that rocks all their worlds

“It’s just a fantasy right now, Pixie.” He’d given me the nickname, and I loved the way it rolled off his tongue. It was why I used it in-game.

Jackson stripped my shirt over my head. His gaze raked over me and left need lingering on my skin. He drew his tongue down the curve of my neck. He unsnapped my bra, and tossed that aside too. “It may not ever be more. It never has to be, if you’re not comfortable with it.” He lowered his head to one breast and drew a swollen nub into his mouth. He alternated a light biting with flicking his tongue back and forth. The feelings tugged an invisible string that traveled through all of me. If I’d been wet before, I was soaked now.

“It’s not that.” I hooked my fingers behind his head, holding him in place. I whimpered when he dragged a thumb over my other nipple. “I’m not saying no. It’s more that I’m saying I don’t know.”

His palm glided down my stomach and over my jeans. I gasped when he brushed my already tender mound through denim. “Stay with me for a minute or two, then.” His voice was smooth, almost hypnotic. He pressed harder against the seam of my pants, grinding the fabric into my swollen clit. My hips bucked in response.

“Say we click with this guy in person.” He continued to rub, pushing me near climax but not over the edge. “He’s just as much fun as online, and we hit it off.” Jackson stopped his attentions, and anticipation joined everything else churning inside me.

“Then what?” I hated that I was hung up on the logistics, but I couldn’t help myself, even knowing it might spoil a good fantasy. “You say, ‘Hey, wanna fuck my girl while I’m in the room?’”

He made quick work of the button on my pants, and then the zipper. “More or less. And he says yes. We come back here, and I watch him strip you down, a piece of clothing at a time.” He dragged the rest of my clothing down my legs, letting friction build. He dropped to his knees, and kissed along my thigh.

I wasn’t prepared for my own response to the suggestion. The images he painted were as enticing as his touch on my skin. A new wave of lust spiked through me at the idea of Jackson watching me. Being aroused by me with someone else. Someone we trusted. “And you just sit in the corner?” I asked.

“And stroke my dick.” He drew closer to my aching sex, but never touched it, before kissing back down the other leg. “Watching him kiss you for the first time would make me hard.” He reached up and cupped my ass. “Seeing you yield to his touch would make me stroke faster.” His mouth brushed my lower lips, and I groaned.

“Watching him penetrate you, knowing how wet you get… That would almost be enough to make me come.” His warm breath on my damp skin sent chills through me. “And when you screamed in pleasure. Fuck, Pixie. I’d blow my wad.”

He finally dipped his tongue between my folds and licked up to my aching button. I let out a whimper, and tangled my fingers in his hair. He trailed back down, and plunged inside me. I thrust against his face, too lost in the images and sensations to say anything. When he found my clit with his thumb, orgasm tore through me, and I cried out.