“To Making It Count.”

I’m sure most of you recollect the block buster movie Titanic and like me you have probably seen the film more than once. One of my favorite scenes in the movie has to be when Jack gets to look sweet in a tux. I enjoy the way he offers Rose and the other diners his wisdom in that scene.

The special magic of its own each day offers can often be lost in the sheer rattle and rush of living. It’s so easy to flop down in the evening and think thank goodness the day is done. In the middle of this routine grind, life can sometimes throw up challenges you’d never even contemplated and demand you find your courage.

In the movie both Jack and Rose are in life changing, life defining situations, some of which they have chosen, other elements are thrust upon them as the story unfolds. Presently, I find myself in one of those life changing situations. I am thankfully not ill, and there is no danger of me sinking below the waves, but challenges have to be met. I have not chosen this alteration to my life and must find ways to deal with the difficulties it creates. Circumstances happen that way.

A part of me wants to wake up like a heroine in a child’s story and find ‘it was all just a dream,’ but another part of me is winning the battle to normalize my life. Each day things become a little easier. I have made the decision I refuse to wilt. I am determined I will enjoy each dawn I wake. I will make time to discover the beauty of every day and all the other experiences it might offer me. Therefore, I ask you to charge your glass, coffee cup or whatever, and join me in a toast I share with you all. “To Making It Count.”

making it count

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