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Eva2Hey there. It seems like there is a plethora of books out today featuring billionaire bachelors and plus-sized women. Many of them are shifter books, and some are hotter than hell! Who can argue with that?

For my July installment of Sexy to Go, I think I’ll jump onto the billionaire bandwagon a little. Add in a really rich guy living in a kajillion dollar house on Lake Union. Have a tempting sexy woman wash up on shore. The rest is history, right?

I think part of the thing that women find interesting about billionaires is they’re often a bit reclusive. They don’t always want to be in the public eye and like their hideaways. Some of the places they design are pretty eclectic – take Johnny Depp’s remodeled French village. It’s for sale for $27 million  – a steal for any billionaire, right? But yeah, it’s definitely eclectic! I’d buy it though, if I could. Heck, why not live in France? Sign me up. I’ll take two!

The other part of the billionaire attraction is they will just never run out of money to spend on their women. Women like a little gift now and then, and they do love to shop. The rich guys always seem to get the girls for being the super-providers, too. A man who can take care of the kid’s college tuition and their trust fund, and buy them sports cars for their birthdays. Win win!

But how easy are they really to get along with? I guess it depends on how they made their fortune in the first place. If it’s tech – they could be a staunch introvert who’s not likely to convert any time soon. If it’s inherited dough he’s got, he might be a playboy who doesn’t have experience in the school of hard knocks. But I see a lot of books where the paranormal types – the vampires, the shapeshifters – are creatures who, since they live a long time, have amassed a large fortune out of being able to buy low and sell high. At least that’s what is suggested, though never really explained. Long life = more money. And a big cock! LOL

So let’s see here. I just need a rich shifter with a houseboat on Lake Union who’s going to have a thing for plus sized girls and one just washes up on his doorstep – literally. What’s the first thing he’d do? Apparently, prove to the reader he has an eager cock!!


Calvin Cooper, CC for short, watched the gorgeous woman in his arms faint and thanked his lucky stars. At least she wouldn’t see how hard she’d made him. Jesus, talk about a freak experience – he’d heard a noise and come out on his deck to check, only to rescue a real life Aphrodite. The soaking wet woman was a goddess, from head to toe and the flimsy cotton dress clinging to her left practically nothing to the imagination. He could clearly see the outline of her diamond hard nipples poking through, and the fabric had wound around her wide hips leaving her silken thighs exposed for his viewing. Her underwear was pink. Dragging his gaze from picturing what lay beneath it, he cradled her limp form securely while gritting his teeth. Every second her beautiful rounded breasts pressed against him was another second of torture.

Calvin had not made it public that he preferred bigger women, ladies some would call chubby and other hefty, but then again he kept as much of his private life out of the news as he possibly could. At gala after gala, function after function, skeletal money-chasers threw themselves at him, and it seemed the press always ran a photo with him and one of the dried up mummies, as he thought of them, giving a rather false impression. Whereas on the other hand, what he really preferred – what got him hard as a rock – was a woman with soft curves like the one whose eyelids were fluttering open. Shit.

Her velvety red lips opened, and he wanted to stuff them with his cock.

— More later! —

For now, instead of Johnny Depp’s house, check out the soaring and unconventional bamboo houses in this Ted Talk. I think if I were a billionaire, I’d for sure have one of these. See what you think. Would you live here?


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