sssShilohHello my name is Shiloh Saddler and I’m very excited to join the Silken Sheets and Seduction team. I’ve been a fan of this site for long time. These ladies are wonderful authors and friends.

Let’s see what should you know about me? A friend challenged me to write a story and that’s how I became an author.  I read any fiction book I can get my hands on, but historical fiction and romance are my favorites.

I have recently learned fires make excellent drama in fiction and terrible drama in real life. On Sunday night a wildfire burned too close to my Washington home for comfort. I was ready to evacuate if it got any closer. My life is generally in some sort of chaos. Writing is often an escape.

I primarily write GLBT romance – mostly M/M and mostly historical. I have an ongoing serial in the Monthly to Go anthologies. Each volume continues the story of a slave, James, and a plantation owner’s son, Daniel. The two lovers narrowly avoid being separated when the estate is sold at auction to pay back debt after Daniel’s father dies. Forced into poverty they must work hard to survive. Each installment can be read as a stand-alone, but they are better read as a set.

Speaking of Sexy to Go, Volume 6 releases today. My installment really heats up with some M/M/M action!

Love or Money

This was what James had requested – that he participate, too.

James’ eyes closed and Daniel sensed him giving into his sensations. Seeing his lover fully relaxed, Daniel didn’t hesitate to pump harder, bumping the back of his throat.

The doctor picked up the pace and moaned as he pounded James ass, gripping onto his cheeks.

Every time James moaned vibrations stimulated Daniel’s cock. God, that felt wonderful. He felt himself building toward climax and reigned in his pleasure. He wanted the doctor to go first. He tried slowing his thrusts, but James kept moaning so it did little to help. If James was moaning so much it had to mean he wasn’t only enjoying this, but he was close.

James’ arms shook as if he was having a hard time supporting his own weight.

He wouldn’t let his lover collapse if it came to that.  He offered James a sultry smile, and reaching down he grabbed James’ rod. Perhaps James should go first.


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