My post this week is a taster from my story Rewriting the Law, serialised in the Sexy to Go monthly compilations. I love this little sci-fi story and have had a lot of fun writing it. I hope readers are enjoying it so fa.

Elana attempts to leave the safety of the bakery. She discovers Jagan law is implacable, or at least it is when administered by the broad palm of Ansgar. His promise to listen to her tale once the law is satisfied isn’t the only reward for obedience.


“Ansgar? I’m getting cramp in my leg. Will you please let me up?”
“How can I convince you to listen to me?”
“By being silent while I complete my oath-sworn duty.”
“You don’t understand. Any Jagan male preparing for a mate must make a solemn promise to uphold the law. As I’d almost saved enough to afford a mate I underwent the ceremony to ready myself for one. If I break my oath and it is discovered I have, I may then have to face the Commission. If I am found to be lax in my instruction I could be stripped of my right to a female.” He caressed the soft skin of her ass. “They could take you from me and offer you to another male.”
“I understand. If I allow this punishment, will you then be within your law?”
Allow this? How had she turned things around in such a way? “Yes, I would.”
“And if I agree you may do as you wish, will you listen to me after?”
What a manipulative little creature she could be. He couldn’t still his amusement at her guile. No Jagan female would ever have thought of such a thing. “Yes, I will listen.”
“Then please, get on and do it. I’ve got pins and needles in my foot.”


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