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sssLandraI won’t lie and if you’ve read my books the secret’s out… I’m a fan of erotic romance, especially if it deals with BDSM. I like my heroes alpha with some submissive bedroom preferences.

Naturally, as a writer I tend to write what I like to read. In the last few months I’ve dived into some tough territory. After a lot of tense research, lip-biting plotting, and some hard cuts, I wrapped three short stories for the Decadent Publishing 1Night Stand Series.

I’m happy to announce, an exclusive announcement (only my hubs and a few close friends know this – which will probably get me in trouble with some folk later), that my series, Desperately Seeking Submissive, containing three stories about three men on the hunt for the one person who can appreciate their type of kink has been contracted by Decadent.

Titles for the Stories: What You Crave, What You Want, and What You Desire

What can you expect: Shibari blended with Rope Bondage, Voyeuristic Tendencies, Sensory Deprivation, Parking Lot Adventures, Kitchen Negotiations, and ultimately lots of surrender.

When will I have more… that’s a surprise. Yes, I have a sadistic streak, but it’s mild. I promise.