sssLeighI have good days and meh days. I won’t reveal the percentage of each.

Every day I feel as though I could do better in terms of writing and publishing. Truth is, I’d rather just write and let the rest fall into place, but I know there’s more involved in the life of an author. I try to chat it up on Twitter, and blog, and brag about my stories, but at the end of the day I want to get back to the people in my head and put them on pages.

People might say the world’s going to heck in a handbasket right now. Turn on the news and you’ll agree. I agree, but then I’ve seen 30+ years of bad news…and good news as well. Some days, though, you want to crawl into bed and demand a do-over.

I hear the word “self-care” and I like the concept of it. I feel down some days, I do, and once in a while I let self-doubt take over and turn the world black. I shouldn’t, but it happens, so I try the self-care to cheer me up. Sometimes it does the trick.

Everybody has a special mind-place, or real place, to go to for comfort. Taking a day to forget the doom, whether real or imagined, helps me recharge and try again. Just a few things I do:

Reading: Of course I love to escape into a book, especially one I’ve waited to read for a long time.

Doctor Who: I’m still working my way through the order, but once in a while I select an episode at random and look for something new in it.

Pinterest: Yeah, I like looking at nice pictures. I look up recipes, home ideas, Disney trip hacks. Anything I think I could use later. 101 uses for clothespins, that’s the headline.

Retro Videos: I love Youtube for all the strange stuff one can find, and all the memories I wish to relive. Once in a while I’ll call up an obscure variety show from the 70s or a weird music video I haven’t seen in decades, just to remind myself that I was once young.

Chocolate: Duh.

How do you self-care?