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Eva2Hello all!

I know you’ll find this hard to believe, but I can be a little slow putting two and two together sometimes. Take Mondays, for instance. I always post on a Monday, right? And what else always happens on a Monday? Besides we all go back to our stupid evil day jobs *grumbles*…. No, I mean something far funner! Give up?

It’s Masturbation Monday!

Each week, Kayla puts up a NSFW teaser, and writers can use that for inspiration or post something else sexy or kinky or… Well, you get the drift. And I can’t believe — I just can’t believe!! — I just now put two and two together. Duh! My post day is on Monday and so is Masturbation Monday! *slaps forehead* How the hell did I miss this connection?

I dunno, but Mondays are gonna be lots of fun around here!

For today’s Masturbation Monday, I am bringing you some spanking courtesy of our very own Daisy Banks. It’s alien spanking, to be exact. She’s being punished. Or is she? Heh.

Excerpt: Rewriting the Law Part 4 

“What a willful female you are.”

She sang a soft moan in response. “Yes.”

The notion this was no punishment but a prelude to pleasure had him struggling to keep track of the words in the book. But they made no difference. His female, this exquisite female—he set another slap on each of her buttocks—she was, thankfully, no Jagan. “When I’ve finished punishing you I am going to pleasure you until you scream.” He landed another swat on her rear before rubbing hard over the mottled red skin.

“Please, Ansgar. Now.”

“Not yet.” A slick of wetness met his fingers as he slipped them between her thighs to caress the lips of her pussy.

“I need you!”

“Good. I’m pleased to find there is something you want.” He thrust two fingers inside her. A vice of warmth clutched tight.

She gasped. “Yes.”

“That’s better.” He smiled. “You might enjoy your punishment but if you aren’t a well behaved mate I’ll make you wait for your pleasure.”

“No! I want you.”

“And you’ll swear you’ll not ever go trotting off into the night again?” He swept a hearty slap with his wide open palm so it landed and covered the curve of both her ass cheeks.

She gasped. “Yes.”

Just to make his point he added another swat. “Are you sure?”

“I swear it.”

He smoothed his hand over her heated skin. “You will be mine?”

“If you promise to listen to me we will discuss it.”

By the balls of Kobis, still she wouldn’t fully comply, but with her squirming over his lap, her scarlet ass never still, the silky ooze of her excitement so obvious, he didn’t care. The book had no mention of a female like his and it was high time someone made some additions to crucial chapters. “I’m going to listen to you scream, Elana. You will cry out your pleasure until dawn.” He slid her from his knees and hauled her up so he could position her over the end of the bed. “You are going to come for me, my jewel, and you’ll do so when I allow it.”

The bedcovers muffled her answer, but he needed nothing more than the ripeness of her pussy to show him her agreement. Thank Kobis, somehow he kept from exploding the second he pushed his cock inside her.

– – – – – – – – –

Now, go forth and have a good Monday everyone! Thanks for visiting!