Sounds you know by instinct.
This post is prompted by a catalogue of unconnected events.
Last weekend I was up very early one morning. The sky was a beauty to watch so I went out into the garden to admire the brilliance and softness of the highlighted wispy cloud. My romantic reverie was interrupted by a set of unmistakable sounds. The thump, grind and yap, all told me somewhere an athletic couple were having an interesting time. Their resonant enthusiasm rang around the housing estate. As it was so early I could only hope the many older residents were still asleep, though there again they might have welcomed reminders of their youth or some of them, those who shame me with their athleticism and run up hill and down dale, they might have competed.
Anyway, this hefty lunged couple banged on for at least fifteen minutes, wailing, screeching, thumping and groaning and by the end of my cup of coffee all I could think is ‘I wished you’d darn well shut the windows’.
I have recollections of the sounds of other people having sex as I expect you do too. The hotel you checked into because it was advertised as quiet, but no, not tonight, as the walls are shuddering as there is a couple going for gold in the room next door. Then perhaps like me your quiet stroll through the park or any other open space is disturbed by the sounds of a set of lovers involved with the joys of the outdoors.
One of my funniest memories of overheard sex is from when I was at college. It was a rare occurance for me to stay in the dorm and I intended to use the time to write up a very over due essay. However, a couple down the hall were going at it like the end of the world were nigh.
This pair’s operatic yowls continued for a sometime, until one guy must have lost all patience and yelled up the corridor. “Will you hurry up and come. I’ve got an exam tomorrow morning.”
In the stories we write the sense of sound in my humble opinion is often underused. The whispers made despite fear of discover, the sheer exuberance of the experience, the need to hear as well as feel mastery, and the solid joy of the moment, all have sounds and noises. I think as writers we ought to use them.
What do you think? What is your funniest or sexiest overheard sexual activity? I’d love to know.

Thanks for reading.
Daisy Banks

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