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To audio or not to audio, that is the question…?


I decided recently to dip my toes into the expanding world of audiobooks, and what better to start with, than my latest release. Seeing the Love is a story about a blind man, Lucas, and his search for love. I figured if anything deserved to be available in audio, this did.

And today, I listened to a narrator auditioning for the role, and reading sections of my book. Holy Crapola! Hearing my story really come to life, was amazing! Hopefully I’ll bring you more news on this project soon.

Lucas & Natalie 1


In the mean time, here’s a little excerpt for you 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I know you need to go back, but I don’t want tonight to end just yet.” He really wanted to kiss her. No, he needed to kiss her. Needed to know that he wasn’t imagining this closeness between them. Needed the connection with her. Longed for the intimacy. Her lavender perfume teased him and drew him in, and he turned to face her, and then stretched one arm along the back of the wooden seat.

He couldn’t be sure where her mouth was, so using his fingertips, he traced his way over her hand and up her silk-clad arm, sliding over the delicate fabric, so perfect for her. He glided over her shoulder, brushed against her collarbone, and found soft, bare skin at the base of her throat. He paused there, and waited to see if she pulled back. Her quick indrawn breath gave him courage. With his fingers, he followed the shape of her chin, her jaw, and learned her features, committing them to memory. Her face was small, her bones fragile. Exquisite.

He moved closer and raised his free hand to her hair, imagining how it had to look. Below her collar in length, it felt thick and soft and had a hint of curl—a wildness to it. Natalie gave a little sigh, and he ran his fingers through her tresses, pushing them back, and feeling the hair fall forward again.

He couldn’t wait any longer. He stroked her mouth with his thumb, delighted to draw a soft whimper, and then he leaned into her and brushed his lips over hers. It was a gentle, delicate pass, and he returned to sample them again. They were as velvet soft as he’d imagined. Cupping both hands around her cheeks, he was able to angle their heads for the perfect kiss. Her taste threatened to unhinge him. Every cell, every nerve-ending burst into life when their tongues flicked against each other. Natalie moaned, curled her hands in his shirt, and pulled him closer, pressing herself against him.

He’d remember this moment for as long as he lived. The gentle trickle and splash of the fountain like a background symphony, as he learned Natalie’s mouth. Her full lower lip was perfect to nibble. When he traced her upper lip with the tip of his tongue, she wrapped her arms around his back. She teased him, rippling her fingers up his spine to stroke the back of his neck, her soft breasts cushioned against his chest.

He fought to keep things slow, under control, but like a forest fire in a strong wind, she’d ignited something deep inside him, and he didn’t think he’d survive the inferno.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


StL_F (2)


Lucas Wade is losing his sight. As the darkness threatens to swamp him, the one bright spot in his day comes in the form of Natalie Fontaine. She works in the sales office, hundreds of miles away, and she alone treats him like a regular guy. She has no idea about his disability, and he doesn’t plan on telling her about it.

But if Lucas can’t be honest with her, Natalie may never see the love he has to offer.

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