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Rachel KenleyLast week on my radio show, The O Spot, I played a great video for my listeners.  It’s a TedX talk from Sheila Kelley called “Let’s Get Naked” and in it, she talks and presents about the glorious Erotic Creature that lives within us all .  She discovered it when she needed to learn pole dancing for a role she was playing in a movie.  First she realized how shutdown, disconnected and even shamed she’d been about her body.  Then she learned how to free the glorious energy that resides within us all. And once that energy was freed – it changed her life: her work, her marriage, her relationship with herself all benefited dramatically.

Lucky for us she decided to share this with the world.  I don’t know if her pole dancing classes are still available but the video is wonderful.  Just click this image and you’ll go to the video on Youtube.  I recommend watching it more than once  – I have.

Click to view her amazing video - Let's Get Naked

Click to view her amazing video – Let’s Get Naked

And I truly believe in what she has to say – our passion, our pleasure has purpose and an important and dramatic effect on our lives and the lives of all we touch.

So… where do you need more pleasure in your life?