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I blogged last month about my rockstar inspiration. (I might be plotting a five book series as I type this…) But lately I seem to be surrounded by inspiration.

Every afternoon two muscular guys walk to the park behind my house, strip down and then start a rollicking game of…frisbee. Honestly it’d be hotter if they were playing rugby or full contact football or something equally manly. I’d prefer an activity that really showed those muscles off. Not frisbee. And yet it doesn’t stop me from drooling on my window when the t-shirts come off.

But they’re too far away to get a picture of or be able to determine their ages. What can I say? It helps me frame the story in my mind 😉

Then there was another hot boy spotting at my local Starbux. This time I was able to get a sneaky pic. After some conversations on Twitter, my friends and I had hatched a whole plot about a sweetly vulnerable construction worker and the hardened tattooist who was only too happy to corrupt him.



So many plotbunnies (& cute boys!), so little time…