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sssLandraI love movies and tend to use movie lines or song lyrics in regular conversation. This can get old for some, but it’s one part of me that won’t change. That being said, I’m always on the hunt for the great white buffalo (extra points for anyone who can tell me what movie that’s from).

The ‘great white buffalo’ of writing/reading is the one sex scene that wraps me up so tight I’m lost in the world, the feelings, and the words. It grasps me up and never lets me go until the final curtain falls and release is found.

I’ve experienced similar moments, but not in erotica. Nope, I’ve had them in historical romance, paranormal romance, and even contemporary. The feeling of a great white buffalo moment can put me on high for days. I’ll admit to hoping I can write a scene like that as well. Unfortunately, I won’t know if I have until a reader tells me.

In the meantime, I write my spicy scenes and seek to discover the ultimate mix of action, internal thought, and dialogue – the great white buffalo.

Have you ever read a great white buffalo moment or written one?