sssLeighAs I type this, it’s 100 frickin’ degrees outside. It’s too hot to think, much less type. I’m on a working vacation of sorts, working remotely while visiting family. I still get stuff done, but oh it is hot.

I’ve recently turned in my materials for the next Sexy To Go collection, and am plotting out another story. In the meantime, I used the travel to read and shop for more books. There’s an upcoming romance, much buzzed, that I marked To Read, but the advance word on it is not very good. It’s disappointing to read, because when you see a beautiful cover and a blurb with promise, you can’t wait to dive in and enjoy. Of course, just because one reader didn’t care for it doesn’t mean I’ll feel the same way, but still…it’s money spent and time invested.

I’m interested to hear what you think, and what you’ve done in these situations. In some instances, I have purchased books despite mediocre to negative reviews. Yes, even a 1-star sells books. Sometimes I end up agreeing with the other reviewers, other times I find there are things to like in a book, but overall I’m not enchanted. Recently we took my daughter to see the Minions movie – she loved it, the hubby loved it, I liked it but didn’t love it. Still, I enjoy the experience of seeing a film on the big screen, especially as a family.

So that’s my question of the day: If you find something you’ve anticipated for a while (a book, a movie, a TV show) is getting thumbs down everywhere, even from people you trust, do you take the chance? Do you spend the money and risk disappointment? If it’s a book, do you try the library instead of buying, and for a movie do you wait for Netflix or DVD?