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Eva2I swear some mornings it just seems like you need wine for breakfast. If only to make it seem like a weekend day instead of the start of the workweek. To pretend and stay in bed a little longer….

This morning I actually woke up thinking about cock. But then I realized what really waited for me were dishes and laundry and seeing the people I dislike the most! Yay, right? Somebody pass the wine!

Now that the Tour De France is over, those riders are surely kicking back with some vino and perhaps getting some nookie. Which seems like a good idea for a short – a bicycle rider gets done with the race and needs it now!

cyclists bandwSo here you go. My impromptu Monday post-bike race sex:

“You didn’t wait for me?” Pierre lifted the shirt over his head and tossed it aside. It landed somewhere behind him. His feet were shuffling, already trying to get out of his shoes.

“I tried, but… Nicole was just so … pretty.” Sabine swept stray deep brown waves off Nicole’s cheek. The girl stirred, but didn’t speak. If anything the young lady appeared very pleased with herself and why shouldn’t she be happy? She’d snogged the sumptuous, smart and extremely flexible Sabine.

Well, she was about to get the shock of her innocent life.

Pierre’s shoes finally came off, and he tugged his riding shorts down. God, he was glad to be out of those things. After 21 days in the saddle, he was ready to ride the two sweet and much softer asses in front of him. Sabine, he’d ride rough and hard to punish her a little for being such a flirt. The younger one… He watched her eyes widen as his cock bobbed out thick and erect.

“Oooh, misseur.” Her jaw dropped. She squirmed as though wanting to make a break. It didn’t take a genius to figure out this might be her first time with a man instead of a vibrator.

He savored the shock on her face, and Sabine’s throaty murmur of approval as she licked her lips. Damn, that woman was insatiable. “That’s right, mademoiselle, you stay in that bed, you get fucked with this.” He pointed at his rod.

Nicole bolted, but Sabine grabbed her by the arm and dragged her back. With a coy look to him, she positioned Nicole on her hands and knees and spread her knees. Her sultry voice cooed out assurances even though he knew she loved to corrupt. “It’s all right honey, it won’t hurt at all, I promise.”

Unable to stand the lure of so much glistening pussy a second longer, Pierre jumped onto the bed and positioned himself behind her. Sabine leaned over and melded her mouth to his, their tongues dueling as he forced his way inside Nicole. Her sharp cry at his entrance snapped his balls hard and tight. She had to be the snuggest cunt he’d ever speared. The feel of her would have him shooting in seconds. But that was fine.

Once he was done breaking in the filly he could move on the real meat of the game – punishing Sabine. Luckily he’d thought of some new uses for his finish line ribbon. It would come in handy tonight. His cockhead pushed firmly against Nicole’s apex and the young woman moaned.

The sound pulled Sabine’s mouth from his. She went to the head of the bed, slid under Nicole and positioned her pussy right under the younger woman’s face. Clutching her brown waves, Sabine encouraged Nicole to service her. The girl caught on quickly. Sabine’s gaze flooded with heat and locked onto his.

Spurred by the erotic sight in front of him he said a silent prayer for the glory of this finish line. So much better than the damn race. So much better… so much…. “Oh mon Dieu!”

Nicole screamed into Sabine’s open thighs as he pulsed three week’s worth of frustration and struggle deep into her core. For him, this race was finished, the next one about to begin.

Thanks for visiting and may all your finish lines be sexy!