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Hello all! I have a question for you today. Is mature romance hot or not?

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there is currently a buzz going around about the rise of mature romance. There has always been some appeal about cougars and sugar daddies, but what about a romance between two older adults? After all, we don’t stay young forever!

Could romance featuring heroes and heroines finding love or love for second or third time be the next popular sub-genre? Some are saying that it is similar to the rise of New Adult. While high schoolers mature into college students and enter the workforce they begin looking for characters who resemble them and where they are at in life.

blackandwhitemanwithflowerAs baby boomers age they are no longer (or at least not as) interested in 20-somethings getting it on. They are a major section of the reading population, and they are looking for romances with older couples going through challenges in life they can releate to like an empty nest after their youngest left for college, or perhaps the death of a spouse and finding love again and introduce the new man to their adult children.

There is also contravery over whether to show these mature adults having sex. I’ve heard stories where authors have been forced by their editors or publishers to take the sex out. But sex lives don’t end at forty, right?

If you think that mature romances are hot and should include bedroom scenes with the door wide open, then I have a recommendation for you!

One of the best mature romances I’ve read lately that included steamy scenes was Tiara’s Golden Submission by Evelise Archer. The heroine is turning fifty and decides to get back into the BDSM lifestyle. If you are looking for a mature romance to read, then I highly recommend this one. It is a 1Night Stand story released by Decadent Publishing.