Rachel KenleyI have an ENORMOUS bookcase of books to be read.

I have more than that loaded on my kindle waiting for me

And yet… there are a few books that I am always willing to re-read, some of them at least once a year.  Some are special, some are candy, some just move and inspire me as a writer over and over.

So, in no particular order:

a treeA TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN – which I read the summer before my freshman year of high school.  I was having a terrible summer at a sleep away camp, and Francie and her life in New York took me away.  It was the first book I was ever assigned that I truly loved.

first wivesTHE FIRST WIVES CLUB – it’s candy.  It’s silly and filled with misandry and still… I just love it.  I love the women and how they bond, change, and win.  It’s a guilty pleasure

trilogyTHE BLACK JEWELS TRILOGY  – the original first three books in this collection by Anne Bishop.  I think I’d read it twice before I noticed that our main character, Janelle, is never one of the points of view in the book.  We only ever see her from others perspective; we’re never in her head.  Bishop’s books either inspire me or make me want to delete my hard drive and give up being a writer.  She’s amazing.

on-writingON WRITING – Stephen King’s famous writing book.  It’s really as good as everyone says. I listen to audio or read the book once a year.  It reminds me why I write; it reminds me how I love to write; and it shows me how human all writers are.  I admire King as a writer and as a man.  I admire his wife, too.  Read the book you’ll understand why.What books do you re-read-

So… what are the books or authors you come back to over and over again?