Rewriting the Law. Part 5 and 6.

My post this week is to congratulat the other ten authors and celebrate with them the new release of Sexy to Go Volume 7. I’m pleased to have another episode of Rewriting the Law in the compilation. For a very long time I wondered if I could write a story with a taste of kink. I struggled with getting the right tone and heat level. I have touched on kink in other stories but never truly developed the theme. Until now I have been vanilla with just a hint of sauce.

Rewriting the Law is a first for me. I have been told the tale hits the spot for some people and I’m glad they let me know. The story will finish next month with episode 6 and I am about half way through that now. Will Elana explore more of her needs? Yes, I expect she will. Will Ansgar, perfectionist that he is, get the method quite right? Knowing him he’ll work hard to do so. I have enjoyed writing with this pair they have been great fun for me and I shall be sorry to let them go. But a story can’t go on beyond its natural end. Here’s hoping I can crank up the heat for the last instalment.

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For today here is a short excerpt from Episode 5.

The ache in her shoulders had lessened. The pain at the base of her skull had diminished too. Jagan healing worked as well as it had when Ansgar first helped her. She looked up and discovered concern in his eyes. “You are worried?”
“My fears are for you, my gem, and about us meeting the High Commission.”
She reached out in an effort to bring his lips closer to hers. “Don’t worry about me. I will be well soon. As to the commission perhaps if they see you kiss me they will understand.”
Ansgar set his lips on hers and she let the kiss do as much as the medicine to silence the pain from the voices. After minutes of the gentlest kiss they’d yet shared his tongue touched hers prompting her desire for more of him and the psychic babble disappeared.
The delicious sensation closed when he moved his mouth from hers. “I’ve got a double pack of the silencers. That’s plenty until you feel you wish to take charge over the sounds and make you own.”
“I’ll learn.”
“Promise me one thing?”
She looked into his eyes and found the warmth of desire, along with softness and a spark too. “What?”
He glanced over his shoulder as if others might hear. “You will still moan for me? I want you to cry out your pleasure so I can enjoy the sounds.”
“I doubt I could stop them.”
His expression grew furtive. “You will still talk to me when we are alone?”
“Yes, Ansgar.”
He sucked in a deep breath. “And we will continue to discover your needs?”
A rush of heat hit her face. Embarrassed by last night’s events she fixed on looking at the window across the room. “If you wish.”
“Not good enough. I want your promise you will hide nothing.”
“I can’t promise that.” Her shoulders sagged with the weight of his words. “No female could promise that, not Melan or Jagan.”
“You have no idea what Jagan females are like. This is about us. It will become our rendition of the law. It’s important.”
“What if I said I will trust you with as much as I can?”
He smiled. “I like to think I have your trust.”
“I don’t know all the needs myself. A machine doesn’t offer choices beyond its limit.”
“A machine doesn’t listen to your sounds of pleasure, but I do. I shall find exactly the right weight and speed with which to spank you.”

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