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sssSorchaWell…not so much desperately, but I am seeking Sirens. ūüôā Wait. You don’t know what a Siren is?

Silly me. Like many authors out there I have a street team. At the moment it is a small group, but I have plans for my supporters! Giveaways, free reads, a private group on Facebook where we interact, and who knows what else I might come up with?

So, you might be wondering what a Siren does? Well they review my books and post those reviews online in various places (no blog required, if that’s not your thing) or they simply hang out online like they normally do and talk about my books to people. Basically help me out through word of mouth. Ideally my Sirens will do both of these things, but I get that people have a life and their own baggage to worry about. So, I’m flexible.

Interested in learning more or maybe signing up? Wing you way to my site where you can get the details and the sign up form: http://sorchamowbray.com/sorchas-sirens/

Sounds like too much? No problem! You can still join my newsletter and follow me online:

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