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Eva2Hey all. It’s that time again where I pop in to say, “hey, where’s my wine glass?” and then seduce you with sexy words. Heh. I like that!

This week, I have a proposition for you. We have new covers for Sexy to Go volumes # 1-5 – WOOT! – and I want to know which one is the most popular. Comment on which one you like best and I’ll enter you into the drawing for the most popular volume.

I know which one I like best, but it’s close … very close!!! Here are the choices:

(Click the cover for more information on the book)

Volume 1


Volume 2


Volume 3

STGCover Volume 3


Volume 4

STGCover Volume 4

Volume 5

STGCover VOlume 5


Now… on to other business, namely Masturbation Monday:


This week I have for you an excerpt from Sexy to Go volume 7, our latest release. The is a snippet from my story, Rescued by the Billionaire. In it, the heroine Maddy gets a nice lonnnnnnng fondle of our hero’s member.


Her nostrils flared attractively. “The newspapers are always showing you with some skinny woman on your arm. It’s obvious what your tastes are, Mr. Cooper.”

The cold way she spat his name out should have angered him, but her feistiness only turned him on more. Oh yes, she’d probably be a little hellion in bed, a fact he urgently needed to prove for himself. Plus, a woman that stood up to him was too hot to pass up. Those coat-hanger women always simpered and cajoled. They never fought back. Not like this one. Not like Maddy. He closed the distance between them until her ample bosom grazed his silk shirt. “Oh, is it now? Are you quite sure about that?”

“Hell, yes.” She smirked and glared at him, all fired up and protecting herself.

“Well then, how do you explain this?” He grabbed her, pulled her to him and grasped her right hand in his. This he dragged between them to the base of his cock and held. He savored the surprise on her face, knew the instant his proof became a potent reality in her mind. She trembled in his arms and he grew even harder.

“Mr. Cooper….” Her mouth hung open, but no more words came out. Slowly, she drew her hand up his shaft, exploring every inch. When she reached the top and found the fabric surrounding his head wet with sticky pre-cum, her eyes went dreamy and she licked her lips.

By all that was holy did the woman not know what she did to him? Unable to suppress a groan, he squeezed her tighter, crushing her creamy white breasts to his chest. He made the mistake of looking down into her cleavage and his voice went raspy as his cock leaked into her hand. “I pushed you away because every time our bodies touched, I nearly came in my pants you felt so good.”

A smile quirked over her lips and her demeanor changed from hesitant, ready-for-battle defensive hellion to confident, lust-filled woman. The steamy look she gave him shot pinpricks of heat through his balls. “Is that so?”

File under: ooh lah lah!

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