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Hello, everyone! I’m currently trying to jumpstart my muse. I don’t have writer’s block as I haven’t started my next project yet. I figure you need to write something before you can say you are blocked.

I’m turning to the power of music to help lead me muse to the next story. James and Daniel’s serial will continue is Sexy to Go, Volume 8. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what is going to happen.

In case you don’t know, my serial is set in antebellum Georgia. The two men are trying to make a go of it on a dirt farm. Folk music, bluegrass, and a few spirituals are currently in my playlist.

I can’t write when it is too quiet. I have to have some sort of background noise. Sometimes I have the TV on, but most of the time I’m listening to music on the radio or on my computer. Some authors create playlists for their books. Do you have specific songs that make you think of your characters? Do you have songs that get you in the mood to write in a certain genre?

Listening to music spurs my creativity, and it can also change my mood. If I need to write a sad scene then listening to sad music always helps. It is really funny how movies have very similar music for certain moments like a chase scene or a fight scene. The music helps connect the viewer to the scene. Tense music can have me on the edge of my seat just as fast as watching the bad guy take the hero by surprise!

What is currently playing in your writing playlist?