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sssLandraRecently, I stumbled across a list of things that people aren’t down with reading. We all have our preferences from the alpha male to the strong heroines. There’s always the certain things we like to read. One I’d heard once is that some folks aren’t comfortable with romance stories that involve a heroine or hero masturbating.

Along the way of reading erotica and erotic romance books I’ve come to find that I applaud scenes that truly explore the reality of people including the ever, possibly taboo subject of touching oneself. I’ve also discovered a fairly new thing in erotic romance where heroines or heroes like watching their romantic interest find pleasure with their own questing hands and/or toys, which in turn brings the viewee pleasure.

Now, when I was younger there were a lot of poor stigmas pressed upon me about masturbation and how it was not appropriate, etc. As an adult I’ve found the exact opposite to be true. In my humble opinion, I believe erotic romance is working to empower everyone to embrace their sexuality, their need for release – including wants, desires, and the fun part of touching oneself. It fosters the possibility of conversation and the best conversation I think a person can start with is being honest with themselves, don’t hide the truth any more… our characters don’t plan on it and neither should you. 😉

Speaking of characters, here’s a quick snippet from my erotic 1NS What You Need (there’s more where that came from) :

“Hey Vic—” Royce caught sight of Victoria on the bed—her head thrown back, dress hiked, legs spread, and a pair of fingers rubbing her clit—and he forgot what he’d started to say. His cock rose to immediate attention behind his silk lounge pants. Somehow, seeing her completely uninhibited by his presence aroused him as much as her restraining him had.
“Come here.” Her voice, low and husky, filled him with a need to please her. To bring her to the same satisfaction she’d brought to him. Yet, their plans were changing again.
Moving forward, he sat next to her, sliding his thumb to mingle with her moist heat, her juices coating it. “I thought we were going to talk.”
“Oh.” She moaned and pushed her hips forward. “Yes, talking is in the plan, but right now, Royce, I need your mouth on my pussy. No argument. You want to know about anything prior to tonight, you’re going to have lick me.”