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Whaaaaat? You ask. What do ya mean, fuck book reviews? That’s crazy!

Hold on before you torch me. As an author, I love getting book reviews. The good ones make me feel all tingly inside. Book reviews are important to authors, important to help them sell books. And that is my point. ..

Why do so many readers depend on the opinions of strangers to help them decide whether or not to buy/read a book?

Before my Kindle, I used to go to the bookstore and spend hours perusing all the awesomeness. Sometimes, I’d only leave with one book. Sometimes, I’d leave with ten. And do you know how I made the decision on whether or not to buy the books? I read the back cover to see if the story interested me. If yes, I read the first few pages to make sure the author’s writing style worked for me. If it did, I bought the book.

Now that I make all my book purchases on my Kindle, the process isn’t much different for me. I read the blurb. Sounds good? I either one-click it, or if I’m not quite sure, I either read the first couple pages or send a sample to my Kindle. I do read some of the reviews for the hell of it, BUT I refuse to let them sway me. I don’t care if a book has a hundred1-star reviews, and only one positive review. If I dig the blurb and the writing style, I’m going to buy it.

I always wonder how many people miss out on books they might have loved but didn’t buy because of a handful of negative reviews. Not sure if this is accurate, but I read somewhere that it takes five positive reviews to make up for one negative review. Considering how difficult it is for authors to get reviews these days, that’s a scary statistic.

In summation, as a reader I say, “Fuck book reviews.” As a writer, I say, “Please review my book.”

Tell me…

How much do book reviews influence whether or not you purchase a book?