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sssSotiaThat’s practically all a romantic holiday needs to be a success in my book.

Food and sex both fulfill primal needs that are often catered to on a need-only basis the rest of the year. Everyday life is demanding, and your ability to indulge at whim is limited by a million menial annoyances.

A holiday with family has rules, of course, but one with your significant other should be a break from everyday. From reality. Whether for a weekend or a month–or longer, if you’re lucky–we get to escape. And have fun. And not care about morning wake-ups and obligations and calories.

And what better way to celebrate that than with sex and food?

Woman with cocktail sunbathing on the beach vacation.

She’s probably smiling at a topless cabana boy…

And if you’re single? The possibilities are endless. Something about the summer heat lowers inhibition and lets the bodies do the talking. A dance with a stranger. Sharing a table at a crowded café. Gazes meeting in a hotel elevator. Nobody knows you. Nobody can judge. And in the morning, you can jump into the breakfast buffet, head first.

I have a story something like that that playing in my head, but it’ll be a while before I write it. So I want to read it. Give me suggestions, please? I want holiday sex and food. I want to drool and not know which of the two is the reason.