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Bodice Rippers

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You’ve heard it – the misogynistic (yes, it is) put downs of our chosen writing (and reading) genre.  Since woman have been publicly reading their own reading choices – remembering there was a time when we were kept illiterate – our choices have been put down, disparaged, and dismissed.

I find it infuriating and I’m tired of the times we need have to defend it.  Romance is a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.  We’ve held up the publishing industry for years.  RWA has worked hard to collect the data… and still we are a target.

If you google bodice ripper you get the following definition:

bodice ripper. a modern Gothic novel or historical romance, usually in paperback format, featuring at least one passionate love scene, characteristically one in which the heroine vainly resists submitting to the villain or hero.

i heard romance novelsGive me a break!

So what brought this on?  A great Publisher’s Weekly article you can check out here. Best selling author Kristan Higgins says beautifully what many of us know, some of us say, and others get tongue-tied about.

Sadly, if you choose to write or read romance you will get comments like these.  Always remember – you’re not hearing criticism… you’re hearing ignorance.  Will they accept your knowledge to correct their lack?  Probably not.

But just keep reminding yourself… you’re part of a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.  Let’s laugh all the way to the bank.