aaaGillian_SigSo I was kinda hoping to use my blog post to announce some really exciting news, but I don’t have the contract in hand so it’s not official yet. Lesigh. I hate this whole hurry up and wait thing.

In the mean time, I’m busy working on the sequel to my almost sold project. Mostly because it has a due date. You read that right. I am now writing on a deadline. *gulp* Never done this before and I’m kinda freaking out.

But I have a plan. Fortunately awesome editor has given me plenty of time to finish book 2. So the plan is to finish book 2 six weeks before the deadline giving me plenty of time for setbacks and edits. And if everything goes to plan, maybe write on supa sekkrit new series that I just thought of (and because awesome editor asked to see more from me already! Squee!!)

So if you need me I’ll be over here anxiously awaiting a contract…and trying not to freak out over the loss of my deadline virginity.