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Eva2Okay. If you’re reading this then I’ve already given my notice at work. I quit my job after five years to work for a woman-owned business. I love the whole idea. I’m tired of male authority in the workplace. Because obviously it belongs in the bedroom!!

In my latest story for Sexy to Go, Volume 8, I did include some hair pulling and spanking and a man taking control. Gotta watch those billionaires – they’re kind of wibbly wobbly! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. He’s a tall dark haired sexy love bandit with tons of dough. Well, think again. It’s HER that’s the moneybags.

See. I love a woman with power. Maybe I’ll start writing wife in control stories. Whee!

So you want a snippet? Well, here’s a taste for Masturbation Monday!

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Excerpt: The billionaire and the Bellhop

The party had already started. Naked men downed shots and snorted lines off the suite’s gleaming dining table while others danced in a circle around Arianna, vying to be her first choice. It didn’t take long for her to make a decision. She snagged Charles by the waistband and tugged him toward the middle of the sectional couch.

Good God, the stories about her are true. Duncan sat down on the other end of the couch with a beer in his hand and watched as Arianna stripped her gossamer gown away, rolled a condom over Charles’ dick and straddled him. She wasted no time lowering her pussy onto his shaft. With her head thrown back and her dark tresses flowing down her back she began to ride him.

Watching her shimmy up and down Charles’ cock, Duncan’s mouth grew dryer and his dick harder as he secretly imagined it was him she straddled. Picturing Arianna above him, her beautiful full breasts tipped with succulent pink nipples bouncing with every thrust as he watched the erotic expressions roll across her face. Her eager moans of hedonistic pleasure that ought to be for him alone flamed his desire and he groaned into his hand.

Given his aching hard-on and her obvious enthusiasm for fucking, it was going to be a damn long night.

*Get more in Sexy to Go Volume 8, out the end of August *


In other news, my last post got a few comments but few were about the covers! O.o I dunno why. Ha. So I will contact everyone who commented for a FREE book. Yes, in fact, by the time you read this I’ve already done it. Isn’t it good to have a dirty mind? I think so!

I’m currently knee-deep in a m/m xmas story and I hate to say it but there’s not any BDSM in it. Boo! I don’t even have a contract for the story yet (as of the time of writing this post that is). It’s about a soldier and the younger man he left behind. Do they get back together and rekindle the smexy? Maybe! And maybe it’s hot when they do! But this story seems a little dark. I don’t think you can do a story about a man who’s served time and not address a few skeletons in the closet. IMO that’s expected baggage for anyone who’s seem combat. What do you think?

Is PTSD something you expect from a story where the MC was formerly in the military and / or an independent contractor in the Middle East?

Whether it’s too dark for a xmas story, I’ll find out soon. Maybe this publisher wants candy canes and like spanking. Sheesh. I can do that! But I always strive to be different. If it’s military M/M erotica you want, check out Breaching the Lieutenant. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited.

Until next time I’m going to leave you with some inspiration.

Spank that!